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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 13 - Sacred Registers Pt 13 Hall of Judgement

This is a hall of judgement well described.  None of this was ever described in the Hebrew bible but it was certainly part of the associated lore.

When evaluating a body of spiritual work one can go two ways.  One can assume vast interpolation of a known text or one can assume that the known text is an edited version. Or alternately one can frame it as a channeled work of more recent history.  All these are difficult.

The rhythm of the language is clearly tailored to an oral tradition of  sharing.  It is highly repetative in pattern but not in content and most of the material so far shows that.



Awful is the great day of judgement at its dawning in the Netherworld. The soul stands naked in the Hall of Judgement, nothing can now be hidden. Hypocrisy is no avail; to maintain goodness when the soul reveals its own repulsiveness is fiatile. To mumble empty ritual is foolishness. To call upon gods who have no existence is a waste of time.

In the Hall of Judgement the wrongdoer is judged. On that day and henceforth his qualities shall form his food.

His soul, soft as clay upon Earth, is hardened and set into shape according to its moulding. The balances are adjusted.

One arrives. The Forty- Two Virtues are his assessors. Shall he dwell among beauty as a godling, or be given captive to the Keeper of Horrors, to dwell among vile things under a merciful mantle of darkness?

One arrives. The twisted body, tormented on Earth, and the ugly face have gone, discarded at the portal. He strides through the Hall in radiance, to pass into the Place of Everlasting Beauty.

One arrives. Now no earthly body sheilds the horror which is the true likeness of the evildoer upon Earth. He runs from the light which he cannot tolerate, and hides himself in the shadows near the Place of Terror. Soon he will be drawn to his compatible place among the Dismal Company.

One arrives. He has been upright and a just one. His failings and weaknesses were of Uttle account. This upright man fears nothing, for he is welcomed among the Bright Ones and shall go unhampered among the Everlasting Lords.

One arrives. He trembles before the Unseen Judges, he is lost, he knows nothing, earthly knowledge and confidence are left behind. The balance drops, he sees his soul and recognises his true self, he rushes into the merciful darkness. It enfolds him and dark arms embrace him, drawing him into the terrible gloom, into the Place of Dark Secret Horrors.

One arrives. She graced the court with beauty, men sang of her loveliness and grace. Now, as when a mantle is removed, all is discarded, it is the time of unveiling. Who can describe the lustful thoughts and secret unclean deeds which fashioned the horror coming through the portal? There is a hush among the compassionate. One arrives. On Earth she was pitied by the compassionate and scorned by the hard-hearted. There her lot was degradation and servitude, privation and sacrifice, few and meagre were the gifts from life. Yet she triumphed.

Now she comes forward surrounded by brilliance, even the Shining Ones are dazzled by her beauty.

One arrives. The twisted face and pain-wracked body of the cripple have been left behind. A kind and loving soul dwelt imprisoned within its confines. Now the relieved spirit steps forward into the great Hall, unencumbered and free, glorious to behold.

One arrives. The splendid body which graced Earth remains there, an empty, decaying thing. The naked soul enters the Everlasting Halls. It is a deformed, mis-shapen thing fit only to dwell in the merciful gloom of the place with which it has compatible affinity.

One arrives. Neither goodness nor wickedness bears dovra upon the scales. The balances remain straight. The soul departs to the twilight borderland between the Region of Light and the Region of Darkness.

0 Great Lords of Eternity, who once were in the flesh, even as I, hear not the outpourings of an overburdened and sorrowful heart. For who am I to presume to call upon The Great God of All? Who am not without wickedness and weak in spirit. I have filled my heart with knowledge of the Secret Writings but still I fear the judgement. Therefore, Great Lords of Eternity, I call upon you who once walked the Earth, even as I, and who, therefore, understand the failings and weaknesses of men.

1 am not weak in my standing with earthly things, but I am weak beside the Greater Beings. Will I, too, ever be worthy of the grandeur of the Eternal Mansions ? O Great Beings whose nature is beyond understanding, grant me just a spark of the Eternal Wisdom, that it might light my soul and kindle the flame of immortal life.

What is the destined fate of a man who knows the existence of things beyond his understanding? I see but I do not know, therefore I am afraid. Man can swim against the current towards the bank, but he needs a helping hand to pull him ashore when he is exhausted from the struggle.

This is the fate of man. He must strive for that which he cannot attain. He must believe in that which he cannot prove. He must seek that which he cannot find. He must travel a road without knowing his destination. Only thus can the purpose of life be fulfilled.

Man may believe he knows his destiny, but he cannot be assured with certainty; in no other way can he fulfil it. In this way alone can his soul be properly awakened to flower with its full potential. This alone he may know: The purpose of all human life is a goal so glorious it surpasses all earthly understanding.

We may visualise our individual goals as we will, it is ordained that we have this freedom. How close or how far we are fi-om reality is of little consequence, what is, is. He who seeks a non-existent destination will, nevertheless, get somewhere. He who seeks not at all will get nowhere. Earthly life fulfils itself without attainment. 

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