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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 7 - Sacred Registers Pt 7 - drug induced passages.

This item separately describes drug induced passages similar to Near Death Experience.  A fairly good one as well although some aspects are not seen in recent work, or if seen are interpreted differently.

What is important is that this was extensively known in what appears to be texts supporting Egyptian spirituality.

This to us remains mostly lost knowledge and add out recent criminalization of most of this, we have a very poor understanding of what is possible and safe.



This is the manner whereby the Aspiring Ones of Earth may cross the dread horizon through residence within the Cavern of Stone. It is thus that men come to know the Truth concerning the Realms of Glory beyond the Western Horizon, but it is a path beset by great dangers and manifold terrors, and many return witless.

The Aspiring One is of Earth, he is earthbound. He sits within the cavern before the Cauldron of Rebirth and Regeneration, and inhales the smoke from the brew of release. He rises above himself, flying on wings of five feathers, the names of which are recorded in the Book of Secret Mysteries, wherein are the awfiil recipes. There it is written that he may ascend like a falcon and caimot go otherwise than as a falcon. He may not go in the manner of any other bird.

He escapes the call of Earth, its fetters fall from him. The Aspiring One leaves his attendants behind, he is not with them, he is not of Earth, neither is he of Heaven. He is at the place where the two meet and intermingle.

His body moves without the spirit and partakes of the sour yellow bread of wide vision. The Aspiring One drinks the brew of grey barley and sips long at the wine of harish, eating the cakes of green brown horris. He eats the fruit of the releasing tree and drinks the brew of black fungus, which is in the smoke goblet. Thus, he sleeps and the attendants lay him down in the receptacle called the Womb of Rebirth. He is in the Place of Visions but remains like the masthead bird. 

[ moldy barley will give you hallucinations - arclein ]

He shall be covered and made so that in his struggles he rise not. His voice is heard speaking in a strange tongue, as he calls on his fathers who have gone before and now preside over affairs beyond the Wide Lake. His body becomes still, as he enters the dazzling chamber which is the doorway to twin vision.

Now he must penetrate the Walls of Dry Air which bar his passage, and rise into the rainbow-coloured Clouds of Radiance which are above. High up he looks below him and sees the waters of the Winding Canal of Experience and understands the meaning of all that had befallen him. Now he has four eyes, these being the irmer and outer eyes, and rising higher he attains the heights of wide consciousness.

Here he meets the Pathfinder and follows him swiftly. He speaks rightly to the Guardian. He shields bis eyes when passing the Lurker on the Threshold, and goes on until he comes to the abode of the Opener of the Ways.

Now the body of the Aspiring One becomes restless and those who attend him place the power of Hori over his face. He hears the voice of The Sungod, which says, "I know the necessary names, I am The Knower of Names.

I know the name of The Limitless One, above The Lords of the East and West, I am One Most Powerftil".

The Aspiring One becomes covered with moisture, he writhes, he shouts, he struggles. The Companionable Watchers know he has left the protection of The Sungod, that he has been seized by the Fiends of Darkness, but he struggles and prevails over them, and all is well. Then the Aspiring One returns.

A hundred shining suns whirl above, a whisper rolls around like thunder, lights of manifold hues sway above, like the river reeds in the wind. All things appear to dance in a shimmering haze, then turn over and fold back into themselves, and such beauty is produced that the human tongue cannot describe it. All things take upon themselves shimmering forms through which other forms can be seen. Great melodic music throbs all around, while everything pulsates a soft rhythm. The air is filled with voices of unearthly sweetness, glory and splendour are ever5where. Then the Aspiring One awakes.

He is raised, behold he comes forth and walks as one bemused by a vision of glory. He staggers, he cannot walk unsupported. His throat bums and his mouth is overgrown with dryness. His head resounds with dmmbeats. He is given the sweet waters in the cup of forgetfulness and drinks deeply, all is well. He is a Reborn One, he is an Enlightened One. He is one resurrected from the Cavern of Stone. 

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