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Letter from Ufologist


A few better ideas here.  He is quite right that most of our our ideas about UFOs are unconvincing.  That they are bio robots is a working hypothesis.

There is a lot of traffic and they are getting shot down as well.  Yet all data must be collected and deep sixed to avoid public excitment.

All that data was initially confirmed as real sixty five years ago.  Since then actual UFO activity has streadily increased.  Thus evidence collection has as well.

Letter from Ufologist

Paul Murad writes, I remember trying to solve a fluid dynamic stability problem. The conventional wisdom was to extend an exponential solution and see what would happen. Great scientists failed.

I looked at the similar boundary-layer equation and using Lyapunov’s approach, suction tends to generate stability while blowing unstable. This could be used to look at transient flow problems. Anyway, My paper was published in an AIAA paper.

What is the lesson for this? If you have a problem, the AI search would look into existing methodologies to find solutions. Here is the benefit but, could AI create an original thought? This is the 64,000 dollar question. It could only use what was previously created. Creativity leaves AI in the dust.

.Now, why am I concerned? I finished my UFO course out of OLLI/GMU I did this several years ago and found that I needed to add additional ‘new’ information, especially about skinny Mike and Bill.

Some amigos in Brazil, during the course, I was able to identify that many crashes occurred especially after Roswell. The earliest on was in Nazi Germany in 1937 as well as finding part of a vehicle in the Kiev, Soviet Union region. The Germans used this technology while the xenophobic Russians hid their treasure moving it to Moscow.

The Nazis attacked in the Eurasia region. Findings in these aliens suddenly jumped occurred especially after the Trinity nuclear bomb explosion.

Crashes were also found strictly from Brazil while the former picture is sometimes referred to as a Russian activity and possibly incorrectly informed as Roswell. At Roswell, the methodology claims one dead, one was wounded and soon died, while the third lived for some time of period before dying. I doubt is there were two bodies together out of Roswell…

What commonalities occurred with all of these bodies assuming they came from the same species? Although they had ribs, no expansion or expulsion in the lungs seemed to appear. All of these guys did not have a helmet so they could live in our environment. This is in contrast to ancient historical artifacts which imply aliens used helmets. They do not have a mouth nor do they appear to eat. Sex is not of sufficient size for females to allow propagation. Their missions appear to gain some human DNA for some yet to be established reason. Their basic body is slim and their long arms are extended usually with three large fingers.

Now the question is that these crashes have crashed in several different nations to go as far as a situation in Saudi Arabia. One may argue they literally fall out of the sky/In Russia they are shot down. There appears to be a war with these aliens and the Russians, since most of their cities have a sophisticated air-defense systems.

Russian Su-27 on afterburner for pursuing a saucer.

The point is that saucers are literally falling out of the sky all over the world.

Admittedly they are from several different species and these devices were not only saucers, but triangles as well as stranger vehicles.

Some saucers and something that looks like antennae or else in China.

This loss of saucers and personnel represent significant assets. Why is there no response about these vehicles falling out of the sky that we are aware of? Why do these creatures appear to be so focused? If their owners do not care, my view is that these are not the specific species itself, but to look at these as nothing more than biological robots. The behavior appears to be robotic; however, they have clear biological capabilities. They represent advances in AI which appear to be limited with knowledge possibly to go back into the past or in one case, being intellectual at the equivalent of two Ph.Ds.

This leaves us with a different perspective. Several sources claim being involved with aliens and would like for us to believe that these aliens care about us and although they are focused on atomic weapon locations or missiles, they care about humanity going over the top with a nuclear war. I do not accept this premise at all. I feel this is nonsense.

Let me explain why. Dr. Brandenburg implies that based on the Mars Rover and Spectrometer on a satellite in orbit about Mars has found unusual isotopes. The typical NASA geologist would generally ignore these elements. However, if you possess knowledge and expertise building nuclear weapons, these isotopes are basically the consequences of nuclear fission/fusion explosions. Mars appears to demonstrate a civilization that once existed. What occurred?

We would like to provide a hypothesis. The sun is large and billions of years ago, there was a planet named by the Russians as Phaeton. This planet was between Mars and Jupiter. As the Sun’s mass is converted into energy, the gravitational mass decreases and the orbits of these planets move further away. Phaeton enters the Goldilocks’ zone and develops biology to create some sorts of being. In time, with more loss of mass in the Sun, Mars also enters the Goldilocks’ zone possibly billions of years later and develops their own civilization.

Apparently, Mars and Phaeton did not get along. Mars won in terms of the Phaeton planet being disintegrated resulting in an asteroid belt. However, in a nuclear war, no one really wins, The Martians are contaminated and if they exist, any civilizations are below the surface. The point is that if these events occurred, why did not aliens come to save them? It did not happen. They were truly only watchers.

Others claim aliens claim that humanity is too violent because we killed each other. This is trash. All biological forms on the Earth, from insects to birds, lions, and fish are violent. If this occurs in our planet, why would these lesser beings operate in a different fashion in their so-called advanced world?

Anyway, some of these possibilities are really questionable. Moreover, regarding AI, it will show some limitations and that they can only act as a means of data selection, although important, creativity is absence with AI. Hence, mankind will still survive despite such a threat…Thanks to Paul Murad

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