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Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 25 - Sacred Registers Pt 25 The light and the sound

 A specific description of the light and sound discovered through meditation is found here.  The rest is mostly more of what we have already encountered as may now be expected.  It is easy to understand copies of well formed teachings been used here.


Good material though but not particularly historical.

All good. 



Some Fragments from a Much Damaged Section Most of Which Has Been Destroyed

Fragment 1

O enfolded, sleeping soul, unaware of the life fountain within from which you may drink, unfeeling of the throbbing life all about us, now is your hour. Prepare yourself for the great awakening. The bright light of wisdom awaits to encircle you, as you stand before the awful door within the Sacred Temple of Mystery.

That the light of Truth may be a sure guide amidst the dark gloom of earthly life, a certain aid enabling you to find the way of your eternal spirit, you are not unknowing of your inner wisdom. It is the key to everlasting life in the glorious place beyond the Western veil.

0 live my soul, awaken, hear me. Let not my love and my sacrifice be in vain, let not all my hopes turn to dust within the tomb. Can love become soil and hope become sand? Never, for the grave is not the destination of the sublime attributes which eimoble the nature of man.

Man is as a flame burning in water, as it is written on the pillars without. His soul is as the rosebud awaiting the kiss of the sun to awaken it to bloom. His nature is as the day which is ever accompanied by the night.

Fragment 2

1 will praise The Nameless God who is The True God and The Knower of Every Name. Hail Great Overseer of Earth!

The high Heavens will hear the sound of my voice and its loudness shall ring across the widespread land. It shall resound throughout the Red Land. My song shall ride on the wings of the wind and my gladness shall whisper into the ear of the air. Hail Great Overseer of Earth!

I shall seek diligently for enlightenment and knowledge, that I may proclaim the ways of The True God among people, for they are mysterious ways not easily understood. Man wallows in a quicksand of ignorance, and only by extreme effort can he extricate himself Great Overseer, grant me the ability to understand. Hail Great Overseer of Earth!

I say to the people, "Declare The Great One to your children, to the high bom and to the lowly ones who dwell together under the same sun, to the generations as yet unborn. Sing songs that will echo down the corridors of time". Hail Great Overseer of Earth!

"Sing His praises with the birds of the air, tell of Him to the fishes in the waters, to the creatures which hide in the ground and to the things which walk and crawl above it". Hail Great Overseer of Earth!

"Declare Him unto all, for He is The God of All, He is The Great Compassionate One whose wrath declines with the setting sun and in the morning departs with the dawnlight mists". Hail Great Overseer of Earth!

Sometimes, in the lonely nightwatches, I wonder, have You turned Your face from me? What have I done that You are unresponsive? Have I ever lived otherwise than in accordance with Your word? O Great Overseer of Earth, what is Your will for me?

Fragment 3

O Great One, everlastingly considerate of our needs. Overseer and Taskmaster of mankind, look down upon us with compassion and lay not too great a burden upon us, your dutiful servants. Labour we must, for thus we prepare for a higher state of being, but bear with us, for sometimes we grow weary and falter at the task.

Here we have fallen victims of our own wiles, we have hopelessly snarled up the threads of our existence, so we know not how to loosen the knots we ourselves have tied and so free ourselves. We are entangled in a net of our own weaving. Let us, Your servants, look to You, The Great One, for aid. Our destinies are held in the hollow of your hands, while the future is visible to you as is writing upon an open scroll.

The Glorious Ones worship You with service and serve through following the words of guidance. Thus, the earthbound spirits worship You, the shades of the departed worship You and the whole of creation worships You.

We, Your servants, offer our continual and everlasting devotion to Your service. We are not as others, O Great One, for we know well that worship and devotion mean service and expended effort, not mere words and ritual.

Your spirit governs the breezes that comfort mankind. You send the fertilising rains, Your Spirit quickens the seed within the womb of Earth. The songs of the birds are inspired by the knowledge of You and the wild beasts rejoice in the sustenance provided.

You are The Universal Being, The Raincloud Overshadowing the Earth, The One Dwelling in the Cave of the Heart within all breathing creatures. You are The Weaver of the Warp and Woof of Life.

Fragment 4

I praise The One Who Eats Evil, The Disposer of Earthly Residue. He who sustains the devoted followers of The Deathless One in whom all merge on leaving the body. For the day comes when we discard all that is of Earth, when we recognise and realise that all remaining is the pure and sacred spirit, boundless and free as the winds.

I praise The One Who Eats Evil, The Disposer of Earthly Residue. He who sustains the devoted followers of The Deathless One; who is with us everywhere and in all things; in whom is all, though not Himself the all; who sees and hears all, who knows and understands all, but whom none tied to Earth can know; who projects His word of power, so that it is within all and holds all things together in stability.

I praise The One Who Eats Evil, The Disposer of Earthly Residue. He who sustains the devoted followers of The Deathless One; who created all things and thus became His Own Greater Self; who clothed Himself in the universe as with a garment.

Fragment 5

0 Great Spirit, I would see the vast face of the Earth as You behold it. I would know how the seed is quickened, so that it grows into the plant, and how the fowl comes forth from the egg. What is added to the egg to give it the power to reproduce life?

1 would touch Your Great Body bom of the breath from The Eternal Source and watch Your thoughts creating and moulding all things to shape step by step.

I would see the links of Heaven and Earth and rest one hand in each. I would see the thread that binds yesterday, today and tomorrow, so all are one and parts of the whole.

I would see the appointed place of every living man and understand why. I would see the purpose of every beast and every plant, every tree and every thing that flies and crawls.

I would know gladness with the children, as they play and go singing on the way to their places of instruction. I would watch birth and death and solve their mysteries. I would know the depths of hatred and the heights of love.

I would journey the adventurous path of love hand in hand with another. I would know its secret, its delights and their shadows, and the secrets of its silences.

I would know the beginning and the end, and understand what links them. I would see the chain of the years and the necklace of the days. I would know the purpose of it all. Then, knowing all these, I would know You at last, O Great Spirit!

Fragment 6

O True God, by whom the worthy are guided in all they undertake; who rises as a beacon in the darkness for the lowly. Grant us. Your servants who put their trust in You, strength to overcome all the doubts and uncertainties which rise in our hearts, as frightening shadows arise in the night. Let us sip the waters from the inexhaustible well of wisdom, that we may not move along false paths to encompass our own destruction.

For we cannot see the way in the enveloping darkness, and confusing voices shout this way or that way. We are bewildered, for we know not which one is right. Can there be so many ways?

We are not men of great learning or high position. We do not sit among princes, being among the lowhest in the land. Yet it is we who carry the burdens of the people, we feed the hungry and provide for the widow and orphan. Ours are the aching backs and weary feet, ours the naked body and empty bowl.

Those who are concerned with higher things sit at tables of plenty, those seemingly unworthy rejoice amid prosperity and plenty. Those who take are given more, while those who give are mocked.

We see these things and doubt enters our thoughts, we ask one another, "Why is this the order of things? Is it the will of our God? Then we seek for an answer in all sincerity and with productive effort, and The Great God Above All does not remain mute.

Fragment 7

O God, hear my prayer, for I have gone into the great recess within me and await a response from out of the enveloping silence and tranquillity. The restlessness and discontent of life I have left at the portal. I have closed the door to the outer things of life.

Give ear, O my soul, to the whispers from the silence. Close out the clamour of Earth and harken to the soft voice which echoes from the far reaches of eternity. Hear without ears the wordless voice of Truth. Close the eyes of the flesh, that the greater eye may see in the iimer darkness.

Enter into the inner temple and await the revelation of heavenly secrets. Shut out the clamouring senses that demand expression in sensual pleasures. Then, when all outer doors are closed and all inmer doors open, speak to me and I will hear your voice. Tell me the secrets of the ages, and my spirit will dwell in contentment for ever.

This alone 1 ask and no more, it is sufficient for one lifetime.

Fragment 8

O Great One on High, have pity on us, for we are hopelessly ensnared by our complete lack of things needed to sustain the body. Without sustenance our spirits are restless, our hearts cannot find peace. We do not desire fooUsh things, or pleasurable or vain things, but just the things without which we carmot live.

Though we lack all things we do not turn our faces from You, for we know well that in Your bounty all men are provided for and the Earth is full of richness. It is not You who take away the things needed to sustain our lives, but those made in our own likeness, our own brother men.

They deny meat to the hungry and drink to the thirsty, though they themselves are gorged to fullness and bloated with good things. Be merciful to them, instruct and enlighten them with Your chastising afflictions. Thus they may come to know that man needs man and each man is brother to all others.

Others have reaped where we have sown and others sleep where we have built, because of the statutes of men.

Therefore, mete out nought but justice, that we may be fed and clothed and have a place to rest our heads.

Fragment 9

O God, who teaches us in so many strange ways in this great place of instruction called Earth; who set us tasks to an end which we caimot foresee, and who tests us to measure our abilities and to try our courage and fidelity.

Instruct us, so we may better understand the bitter lessons which purge from our natures all which is unwholesome to the spirit. Strengthen us, so we may bear all things without complaint and conduct ourselves manfully under the strict discipline of this unique place of instruction. Open the-eyes of understanding within us, that we may benefit by every experience and not waste time bewailing our lot.

Tell us, so we may know. Instruct us in our duties in the battleline, so that when we are called upon to take our appointed place we shall not shirk the clash. Toughen us on the training ground of adversity, so that we may be stronger for the fray. When the day of battle comes upon us and cowards flee before the strength of our adversary, when the valiant ones kiss the dust at the portals of glory, let our place be where the battle rages most
fiercely and the blows fall the thickest.

If we faint, may we still remain faithful. If we are exhausted, may we remain dauntless. If our hour come and we fall before the onslaught, may it be with weapons in hand and face to the foe. We fight the fight where the victor can be the vanquished and the vanquished the victor, for here the fight is the end and not the victory. He who serves the end well justly claims the fruits of victory.

We cannot ask to win, but we can ask to* be made strong if we struggle for strength. We caimot ask to remain unhurt, but we do ask for courage. We caimot ask to be supported in weakness, but we can ask for the fortitude to endure. We stand firm-footed, grim- faced to the foe. The ranks of wickedness encompass us about, but we will surge forward with closed ranks, carrying all before us until we come to rest in the presence of victory.

O God, Supreme Among Spirits, watch over us in the struggle, for we are Your children.

Fragment 10

This is my prayer, O Great Spirit, accept my prayer. O Dweller in the Pure Region of Truth, hear me. O Great Fountain of Wisdom, hear me.

O Comforter and Companion of the Soul Silences, hear me. I, Your son, come into your presence with faith and humility.

Grant that my spirit be admitted into the Glorious Audience Chamber between the two regions.

I, Your son, come into Your presence with faith and humility. O Supreme Source of the form-holding rays, grant me a hearing. O Great One seated on The Celestial Throne behind The Great Solar Disk, hear me. All homage to you Great God, Master of the bodies of men. I, Your son, come into Your presence with faith and humility. My every thought and deed are dedicated to Your service. These things are written clearly in my heart and are not mere puffs of wind from my mouth.

Fragment 11

Lord of my heart, hear me now as I stand in communicating silence before the listening shrine. You are The Great One who existed before the upheaval of the mountains; who tore apart the land and waters in the infant years of man.

For in Your sight a thousand great years are as an hour in the heat of the day, or as a watch in the coolness of the night. You are The Timekeeper in Eternity and Warden of the Ages.

You reap men as com is reaped at the harvest and sweep them away as floodwaters cleanse the land. For man is like unto the grass of the field, in the morning it grows full of vigour, gaily bedecked with the gems of morning dew; in the eventide it is cut down, to wither in the night.

The day is not important if men live by the hour, fulfilling in each its appointed task.

Fragment 12

When the Dread Messenger calls for you, let him not find you ill-equipped and unprepared. In the final hour, which must surely come, there will be no opportunity for fine speech and nought can delay his imperious command. Then all the possessions you have cherished and stored will be as nought, and all you will be able to take with you will be that which you have fashioned within.

Do not be numbered among the foolish who say, 'Time enough, for I am yet young". Death claims the breast- child as well as the aged, and on this you should ponder. Consider well your future estate.

Here you are the architect of your future abode, the plans prepared here are carried out in another place. Earth is the place of sowing. Heaven is the place of reaping.

Here you are the sculptor who chisels the statue, the potter who fashions the pot, the woodworker who carves the pillar. What is there on Earth more deserving of your care and attention than your own future form and appearance?

Do you recklessly hew or wilfully cut? Do you heedlessly pound the pUable clay and carelessly fashion the unfired pot? Do you mix the colours with proper thought?

What manner of thing are you fashioning in this great workshop? A beauteous being arrayed in radiant splendour, or a hideously foul fiend which can do nought but squirm in the slime of its fitting abode?

Whom will you praise for your prudence or curse for your lack of foresight? Who can force you to deal tenderly and responsibly with the slumbering child of your own self? Or prevent you fi-om carelessly and wilfully shattering all hopes for its future wellbeing?

Fragment 13

Rejoice all cities beside the waters, be joyful all people in the land, for great things have come to pass. Behold, the foe is scattered in confusion, they are no more, they are eaten up, victory is with us.

All praise to our Commanding Lord. Hail The Great Leader, hail The Source of Power in the land, live for ever in glory. O Mighty Fighter, let us rest in the shade of Your greatness, let us dwell under Your shadow, under the protection of Your right arm.

You have given us that which we never thought to know again. Men sit in peace, speaking freely one with another. They walk abroad with light steps and their heads are held high. Men look their fellowmen in the eye and there is none to josde them. They are delivered from the shadow of fear, and confidence is renewed in them.

The fortresses are no longer overflowing with fighting men and all throughout the land no well is forbidden to the thirsty, all may drink freely where there is water. Men come and go across the wilderness, carrying the burdens of trade and none falls upon them to plunder. Men journey peacefully along the lonely roads and none waylays them to rob. Traders cross the barren places and are unmolested, none rises against them.

The bearers of messages no longer hasten about, pale of face and fi-ightened, they no longer carry doleful tidings, they no longer bear words of fear. Their coming no longer causes the knees to tremble and the stomachs to fall. Now the messengers loiter in shady places, remaining there until the nightwatch calls, for there is no urgency in the words they carry. The fighting men rest, their hazardous days have gone; the bow, the sword, the spear and the shield have been laid away in the weapon stores. Women walk freely, they talk gaily, for they are not overshadowed with fear, neither do they tremble for fear of molestation. The faces of the border guardians are no longer haggard with sleeplessness, nor are their eyes tired and strained with watchfulness.

Throughout the whole land there is content and tranquillity.

The herds are large and sleek, they are no longer tense and restless. The flocks graze contentedly in their green pastures. The fowls are no longer alert and noisy but squabble playfully, chasing one another through the dust.

The voices of men are no longer hoarsened with war cries, instead they can be heard singing as each goes about his appointed task. The doleful wailing of women who mourn their dead is no longer heard and widows no longer proclaim themselves. The husbandman sows contentedly, knowing that where he sows he shall also reap.

He no longer doubts that he will enjoy his own harvest.

The face of God is once more inclined favourably towards us, even the lesser gods look again upon the land with favour. The reign of Saku is over, he no longer overshadows the lives of men, all is well in the two lands.

Fragment 14

We praise our own God with joyous and grateful hearts. He has shown Himself among us. He will come again in His season, all is well with us. His desire brings forth the green growing things and the land is clothed in its gay mantle. His hand guides the stars. His mind contains all things that fly above the Earth and all things that walk and crawl upon its face.

We praise You, Great Eternal One whose forms are so many. We kiss the ground before You. All the sacred beings and sacred things men worship are but manifestations of their groping through the clouds of ignorance to understand You. Have pity on them, for they were bom into darkness and mysteries, but their hearts are good.

Each day You bring some new thing to the attention of men and place before them problems to unravel. The nature of men ever inclines them towards the path of ease and passiveness, therefore they tend to shun the things which are truly profitable. Therefore, deal with men in a manner best fitting for their progress towards Truth.

Fragment 15

Neither life nor love ends at the Grim Portal. The strength of the invisible bond between two souls binds them even after death. That which binds strongest of all is the love which is sincere, true and constant. Such love endures through tribulations and trials.

If one you love has departed through the Western Gates into the Great Halls of Eternity, then be comforted by the words of Truth. This you will then know: that the Guardian at the Grim Portal is no fearsome being but a compassionate attendant who tends you gently while asleep, until the morning of a more glorious day. Then you will be awakened to journey through a greater adventure with the companions of former times.

Fragment 16

In death you are greater than ever you were on Earth, for now the companionable spirits lament for your sake.
They strike their bare flesh for you and smite upon their forearms. They tear at their hair and cast dust on their

Yet if they be true to themselves, they are not cast down, they are not distressed. There is a voice speaking out of
the silence, saying, "If he goes he shall come, if he sleeps he shall awaken, and if he dies he shall live".
Can you be gone from us forever? No, you are not dead or lost unto us, unless by our ovm deeds we depart to
dwell in different regions.

I am not cast down. You are now in the Great Place beyond the everlasting stars. You have passed over the
horizon of immortality and now walk erect along the path of glory. May we meet there in days yet to come.
Hail O Glorious One!

Fragment 17

my side when I come before the Assessors, that when I hear the verdict I may not be alone. If my eyes cannot
see, then tell me of the balances, do they bear down in my favour?

0 Guardian God, lighten the darkness for me and deliver me from the meshes of the net woven by my own
deeds of wickedness and weakness. You are my strength and support, to You have I given my offerings. You I
have honoured above all.

There I may be in distress and have none to abide with me. I may have no comforter and may be alone, therefore
desert me not in my time of trial. Stand by my side, O Guardian God. If I am numbered among the distressed
ones, look upon me with compassion and mercy, and if I am deserted, then sustain me with water, bread and oil.

Fragment 18

1 sing words of glory unto my God who is the Great God Above All Gods, and the words which issue from my
mouth shall be exalted above all things. With them I will praise Him in the Sacred Place, in the silence of His
Hidden Sanctuary. They will glorify my God, so that His Majesty is not dishonoured and He is not deserted,
until the day when He shall be declared before all men.

With the ever loving thoughts of a devoted heart I praise Him. Even as the sun rises joyfully into the daysky, so
does my heart rise towards He who gives me life and renews it day by day.

He is Great, He is Mighty, He is Glorious. He made the great river to flow, that all men in the two lands might
be fed. It never wearies, it never ceases its onward flowing. It is everlastingly renewed.

Even as the great river flows steadily and strongly through the barren wilderness and bestows verdant life on its
way, so let the river of my life flow through the Earth and eat away the sands of wickedness.
Release me from my mortal fetters. Loosen the heavy covering of flesh which imprisons me, which restrains
me. Let me rise free into the glory above, as the falcon floats freely on the wing. Let not the melody of my song
be cut off while I sing, nor the story end before its completion.

Keep me, O my God, from the ways of darkness and let my spirit rejoice in the light of righteousness.

Glory to You, Great God, Lord of Truth, whose eternal throne is concealed behind man's limitations; who issued

the command that brought things into being; who made man so wonderfully that man himself cannot understand

his own nature; who hears with compassion the cry of the distressed and the moan of the captive.

All hail the everlasting spirit within, the real self, the seat of all thought inseparable from me. I am one who can

truly call bis soul everlasting, for I am one of the Awakened Ones, one of the few who have at long last attained

the Splendid Vision. I have seen the bright flash of Truth in the darkness of earthly existence, I am free, I am


I will sing, that you may be glorified in the solitudes of Your Hidden Places, where the eyes of the profane can
never penetrate, where few men come as Chosen Ones. There we will sing songs of yore. We will sing of Your
ways and of Your laws, which remain everlastingly unchangeable.

Fragment 19

Heaven and the many Heavens beyond Heaven, Earth and the many Earths beyond Earth are held in the
thoughts and power of God. They are as a monument to His everlasting glory. All things living that move and
breathe have their place in the abode of life. Man finds the greatest joy in the Eternal Halls, therefore set not
your heart on earthly possessions.

Here a man may desire life for a hundred years and may even attain it, but what benefit are the extended years to
him if they do not exalt the soul? There is a horror-haunted region of darkness, and whosoever rejects the

godward life on Earth will surely dwell therein. They will go down to partake of the nature of demons, down
into the darkness of delusion and doom.

The soul, without moving flies on wings swifter than thought. It stands behind and beyond the senses. It is the
Knower working within the things mat are known. The spirit of man is carried down the stream of action into
the ocean of life. The spirit is everlasting, it is near and it is far, it is in all and it contains all.
He who sees his own self in all things and all things in his own self is awakened. He is beyond delusion and
outside the reach of fiatile sorrow.

Fragment 20

I am Hahrew the Enlightened One, Hahrew the Twice Bom. Having crossed the dark waters myself, I carry the
others across. Being free from fear, I free others from fear. Being unrestricted, I ease the restriction of others.
Knowing the way, I show it to others. Having trodden the road, I now guide others along it. I am an Illuminated
One, the open of ear, the keen of eye. I am one who knows the Law, I am a keeper of ordinances.
I shall refresh all those whose bodies are bent with toil or sorrow. I shall come to the aid of those whose souls
are withered and distorted, and give them strengthening sustenance. I shall open the eyes of many who are
deluded in the heavy mists of threefold existence.

Hear me, all who toil under the yoke of ignorance, who labour under the clouds of despair. I am the
Forthcoming One, the Future One Turned Back. I am the Spirit Within The Law.

I am the Voice of EnKghtenment, one who proclaims the brotherhood of all men. I am to one as to another. I am

Fragment 21

0 life-giving Sun, handwork of God, projection of divine fire, heat of Heaven, light of the day, solitary glory of
the daytime, let me behold the hidden form behind your brightness, for the spirit within you is even as my spirit.
Thus, I may come to understand the nature of my God who commands you and to whom I pray. The fair face of
the daughter of Truth remains hidden behind its mask of gold. O spirit of light, draw aside the veil even slightly,
that I may see.

Who among men is wise enough to know his own wrongdoing, or to see clearly his own errors and follies? The
eyes of men are dim and the road narrow, therefore it is not hard to wander fi-om the way. Therefore, O my God,
keep me from all hidden wrongdoing and errors, and keep me from the power of temptations to which I so
readily succumb.

1 know the rebellions of my heart, and my wickedness is ever before my eyes, yet how much more do I not see!
I have chafed against the restrictions of Your decrees and the Law. I am a foolish one who does himself an

I am ashamed and blush for my folly. I am as a man who, when his arm does wrong, cuts off a finger. Help to
make clean my heart and strengthen my spirit, that it may resist my own inflictions upon it. I believe I do right
and do wrong, for I have not listened carefully and diligently to Your words written on the sacred scrolls.
O my God, whom I have long worshipped with devotion, incline from the great heights of Your splendour and
stretch a helping hand down towards Your weary servant. Trusting in You I will depart from the pastures of
sweet grass and the calm waters of restful repose, and go into the presence of the Everlasting Lords. I will pass
out of the dark tomb, I will arise refreshed with the outpouring of Your Spirit. I will clasp Your mighty hand and
be guided along the path of Truth. Thus, I catmot stray and the lonely places will not claim me.
In confidence and trust I will take my place before the Court of Assessors. Guided by Your light I shall pass
safely by the Place of Darkness, and those who lurk shall do me no harm. My trust is in You and I will come
safely past the lurking ones. I shall be freed of all earthly weariness and my spirit shall shine forth in glory. I
will stand in the Place of Brightness, and the Glorious Ones will come bringing refreshing waters. I will not lack
sweet sustenance, and delicacies shall be poured forth for me in abundance.

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