Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 18 - Sacred Registers Pt 18

This is important because i just understood that the perception of God is similar to our perception and that we do not notice this.. My perception actually is significantly different and much more sophisticated and linked to knowledge of the architecture of the the second tier of matter and the importance of the sixth logic operator.   None of this shows up at all nor is it expected.

This is a prayer of thanks.

All good.



The Book of Initiation and Rites says of God, "All our hopes rest in God who created all things, sustaining them with His breath, whatever their state, wherever they may be, in this place on Earth, or in any other place visible or invisible".

"He alone causes herbs to blossom in beauty and causes all things to come forth in their proper order and time, all flow from His directing thoughts. The peaceful beauty enfolding the face of the land at eventide, the melody of song and speech, the fragrance of flowers, the soft delicacy of petal and wing. All beauty and charm that delight the hearts of men flow from God".

"His wisdom is unbounded and in His goodness He has provided all things in which He has created a need in man. The daylight and wind, food and water, heat and coolness, the materials of his dwelling and the substance of his garments, all things for his daily use and enjoyment. Man lacks nothing which would increase his skill and knowledge, to all useful things guideposts have been planted along the way. What need can man know for which God has not already made provision, even before man was bom?"

"He has established the nature of all things, so they remain stable and come forth in their proper order without change. When a man sows barley he knows what will come up out of the ground, the rewards of his toil are not confusion".

"A man lights a fire knowing it will cook his food, it is not sometimes hot and at other times cold. He knows that day will follow night and that the hours of darkness are prescribed, it is not a matter of chance. The hovirs of darkness are not one day long and the next day short. Oil is ordained for lamps and water to drink, man knows that never can he light a wick in water. Man looks about him and sees order, not confusion, and he knows that where there is organisation there must be an organiser".

"The ordinances of God are established for the benefit of man, were they not set in stability man would be nothing but the plaything of chance and the victim of chaos. Therefore, on the days of feast and fasting, each following in their due season, I will ever remember the obligations due to my God".

"I will rejoice and sing songs of praise with a full heart, I will shun the hypocrisy of moving lips. I will be joyful in the fullness of spirit at the beginning and at the end of the appointed seasons".

'The decrees of God are fulfilled at the appointed times and the days of labour pass one into the other. The season of first gathering to the full time of harvest, the season of sowing to the season of finitfulness, all pass away as the kiss of the wind on the waters".

"I will raise my voice, and my hands will move with the music. I will pluck strings and send sweet musical sounds rising to my God, and my breath will fill pipes with tunes to His Glory. When the sky blushes in the dawning I will lift up my voice in gladness, and when it reddens in the evening I will not remain silent".

"O how I rejoice that God has made me as I am! Truly He is in all and encompasses all. In His magnificence and majesty no man can conceive Him, for His divine nature is beyond the understanding of man. His creation is awesome. His ways unfathomable".

"The love of God for His wayward children has been limitless and abounding. It has remained changeless throughout the ages, filled with His noble purpose. He created so that He might express and share that love, which is the very essence of His nature, with beings created in His likeness, beings which could absorb and reflect that love. Yet, that his love might be wholly free man was endowed with freewill, the freewill he has used perversely". 

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