Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 15 - Sacred Registers Pt 15 - Initiation Responsorium

Reading these one day at a time is actually fruitful.  This fragment is actually delightful and it firmly assures us of our own command regarding our spiritual destiny.

Again if this is Bronze Age it is good.  If truly recent, it is also unusual and confirms a perspective that has taken vast research and a lifetime of contemplation to understand properly.

We continue to observe a clear understanding of the after life in all this rather than the extremely fuzzy one available through our religions..



Salvaged from the Great Book of The Sons of Fire this is all that remains of some sixteen damaged pages relating to an initiation ceremony.

Who will reward or punish me? I will.

Who besets my path with sorrow? I do.

Who can grant me a life of everlasting glory? 1 can.

Who must save me from the horror of malformation? I must.

Who will guide my footsteps through life? I will.

Who brings joy into my life and gladdens my heart? I do.

Who brings peace and contentment to my spirit? I do.

Who lightens the burdens of my labour? None but myself

Whose courage will protect me from the workers of evil? My courage.

Whose wisdom will guide me and enlighten my heart? My wisdom.

Whose will rules my destiny? My will.

Whose duty is it to attend to my wants? My duty.

Who is responsible for my future state of being? I alone am responsible.

Who shields me from temptation? No one.

Who shields me from sorrow and suffering? No one.

Who shields me from pain and affliction? No one.

Who benefits from my toil and tribulation, my sorrow and suffering? Myself, if wise.

Who benefits from my temptations and afflictions, my sacrifices and austerities? Myself, if wise. 

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