Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Draining the Swamp - Prelude

Draining the Swamp - Prelude

The one thing that needs to be understood by observers is that plans take real time to imagine, organize and implement. We are now approaching the six month mark and things are seriously shaping up.
First off though, the media has been totally distracted with theater and nonsense and their own self importance.  They do carry on like a gaggle of geese.   And the Donald incites it with his twitters.  Real business happens all day and then he sits down and decides to entertain the geese.   I used to argue that the best way to keep a secret was on the front page.  This takes it one step further.  You create your own spurious front page.

If it is important, no one notices.

Way more important was the manner in which one James Coney was fired.  This man was clearly at the center of the whole Clinton - Obama - Deep State enterprise.  When they fired him they had him a long way away while they took possession of his office and all his records by way of Treasury.  They have those tapes alluded to by the Donald.

Yet we get the story that it was a spur of the moment event.  Hardly.  And now the Deep State crowd have gone deathly silent.  This was important.  The FBI is now cleaning house and will be fully unleashed under an interim administrator.

From the get go all law enforcement effort against pedophiles was unleashed.  We already have passed an astounding 4,000 arrests.  This is not been covered in the media except locally.  This will lead back to the actual money and the high end users in government.  I suspect that we are now building up to a sudden sweep there also.

Thus law enforcement is now in full swing against the pedophiles and against corrupt practice as well.  And the main impediment has been winkled out of office.  All this took planning to do right.

The Russia fairytale has actually  provided real tactical cover while all this took place.

I also expect that the CIA will get taken down with a lock down imposed by the Marines and dispersal of agents to the rest of the military.   If underway, it will be headed by Gen. Flynn.  This has been clearly necessary for decades.

In the meantime the counter coup put up by the likes of Soros has run out of steam and lost traction.  The media can only push an obvious lie so far uphill before it rolls back over them.  What is astonishing is that we actually had such a thing take place.

Several shoes will soon drop domestically.

Internationally, our Navy is rotating onto a War footing.  A backup Carrier is been brought up out of mothballs in the event that we lose one.  Three such carriers are now concentrating on the Korean Peninsula.  Expect the 1953 Cease fire to be suspended and those large conventional bombs to be used against the Nuclear bomb facilities in North Korea.  Expect the housing of the engineers to be destroyed in order to eliminate capability.  The target is obvious and cannot really be protected.  In this case people are military assets.

This should resolve into a partial occupation of North Korea by Russia and China with South Korea looking on.  It could even include the full evacuation of Pyongyang and its destruction.  At that point the Navy could even sail away and let China and Russia figure it all out ( and pay for it ).

This of course sets the tone for the swift resolution of many other minor issues.  Directed American diplomacy will have a heyday if little else is done thereafter.  Iran may become seriously cooperative.  And Radical Islam will be on the run.



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