Friday, June 23, 2017

Kolbrin - Book of Scrolls - Chpt 23 - Sacred Registers Pt 23 Rewa

Rather interesting allusions to spiritual practice of meditation and its results. Extensive for a song though. It is more a teaching.

The theta state allows a view of those rainbow colors. 

Interesting admonitions against the sins of humanity that is worthy and a reminder just how preoccupied mankind is with the human concept of sin itself at all times in our history.  This hymn reads as from the Bronze Age..



The Hymn of Rewa

1 am here, I am Yours, I sing Your praises. Join the dance, O priests and priestesses. Join the dance, O Skytravellers, who cover the Earth with your rays of power. Join the dance, O sfrangers. Accept our offerings and salutations, accept our devotions and make them successfully beneficial.

Move around moonwise, O priests and priestesses. Stamp on wickedness. Stamp on hypocrisy. Stamp your feet on malice and hatred. Sound the flutes, blow the pipes, shake the bells. Come, stamp on the head of pride, stamp on the Foul Fiend of Lust. Melody and music ring me about in a protecting wall. 

I am one who rises over the fallen.

Hail, O Overlooking, All seeing Power! I am Yours, I am a Chosen One. I am gifted with strength, I am thrice gifted with strength. I am filled with The Sacred Essence. I have partaken of the cup of joy. I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.

I see the light of the East, the arrow of All Embracing Love. I see the light of the South, the arrow of All Comforting Benevolence. I see the light of the West, the arrow of Everlasting Hope. 1 see the light of the North, the arrow of All Consoling Comfort. Let the golden bow speed the arrows of my desire. I am still, 1 worship the Hallowed Limbs.

The Heavenly Hosts gather, as swallows for the flight, as storm clouds for the downpour. Before the Sacred Shrine I renew my strength. I free myself from all earthly desires, from all bodily passions, of all soul-eating lusts, of all soul-destroying vices.

Now I see the rainbow-hued radiance of the real within the unreal. Now I see true where before I saw what was not and heard what was not. I was deceived by my body, I was deluded by my feelings. Now I see things not seeable by unaided mortal eyes. I hear things beyond mortal hearing.

O Great One, O Radiant One, O Timeless Knower, O Limitless Viewer, O Majestic One with a form of indescribable beauty! I have seen You through the veil, I have glimpsed the reflection of eternity. I am free.

I, Your son, bow humbly before You. Lord, my heart is pure. I proclaim my loyalty to my neighbour on my right and my neighbour on my left. I see the meat. I see the tripod. I see the knife. All is ready. Come, benevolent spirits, gather about the flame. Hover over the bowl.

To you in whom resides the power to appear in any form or shape desired, come, come as welcome guests. Before the Place of Awe I stand unafraid, for those who are damned to sorrow and horror cannot approach within the barrier. They await in jealous hate without, they who come up from the dismal depths. Away foul spirits of the damned! Away O self-destroyed ones!

0 Great Representative, the court is purified, I now see the flame-like radiance. Brothers and sisters, do you see it too? I see the Radiant Risen Ones who have torn aside the veil for one brief moment. I see things of overwhelming splendour. Bring incense, bring water, bring salt and bring the offering flame. 

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