Friday, August 30, 2013

GOD and Consciousness

I have demonstrated through mathematical technique that the physical world cum universe is generated by a simple elementary action in which the first particle pair or plausibly the neutral neutrino is generated.  From this the universe itself expands naturally at the speed of light and is filled through natural geometric decay taking advantage of the curvature boundedness that arises profusely.  This universe contains our three dimensions and time.

This initial step, simple as it is requires the conscious will to exist.  Yet this consciousness appears initially external to the universe but evolves as content to the universe itself.  At the moment of first creation, this consciousness surely lacked content.  The act of creation set content generation in motion of which we are products.  It is as if the consciousness of the universe reached out and triggered is own existence.

Thus the phrase that God is the beginning and the end nicely closes the logic loop and does describe the act of creation correctly.  Recall, it is correct that a wormhole can loop to any point in space and even time, although with increasing difficulty, yet theoretically to every point in time.  Perhaps it is the increasing difficulty that makes GOD an evolved consciousness.

Our consciousness is our share in the universal consciousness.   Spiritualism is our attempt to improve sharing in the universal consciousness to which we are largely blinded.  Out of Eden means we have been deliberately cut off some 45000 years ago as noted by one informant until we evolve our disciplines to fully emerge and ascend as a people.

Much has been said about universal GOD serving all life in the universe.  This appears valid.  Yet it is also a constraint.  It is a guide and consciousness holding all knowledge acquired by life not unlike the internet that requires skillful querying rather than passive acceptance.  Thus the role of a great master is to investigate questions and to ask.  A man is only as smart and wise as his questions.

Prayer is a moment used to address and define questions and pray for their resolution.  These may even be selfish questions but must be morally couched.  Is it right to ask for the death of my sworn enemy? 

Almost unconsciously, I have addressed problems unsolved by the great geniuses of history.  These were always interesting.  All led to fresh insights and rewards.  I know no more worthy road.

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