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Cattle Mutilation Thoughts

A couple of pieces of useful information are presented here and well worth noting.  The most important is that a char mark was observed surrounding the body.  This explains just how the cows actually meet their death.  They are irradiated with a slight amount of overage which can char organic material on the ground.  Otherwise the cow suddenly experiences a jump in body temperature of perhaps ten degrees which kills the animal instantly while not damaging tissue.

Up to now, we have assumed that perhaps it was caused by the observed damage.  Now we know also that the damage is simply part of a sampling regime.  Do note that the tongue appears a first choice and the remainder is more discretionary.  This is now a clear cut scientific sampling regime.

Then we have this other death bed report by a witness who clearly observed a sampling event conducted by what where aliens linked to an UFO event.  All this pretty well throws out both military explanations and unknown creatures such as vampire bats as an option although that is almost plausible.  Vampire bats, however large are unlikely to kill cows so easily.  Besides these mutilation reports really do show serious tool usage.

Missouri rancher suspects something out of the ordinary is mutilating and killing cattle

 By: Zach Tecklenburg

HENRY COUNTY, Mo. - A Missouri rancher is getting tired of making disturbing discoveries on her Henry County land. Lyn Mitchell said she is out of reasonable explanations for what's to blame for killing her livestock.

Mitchell said she's normally a private person, but the deaths of three of her cattle have her speaking out.

"It's just something I want some answers to," she said.

Mitchell found the first cow in December 2011.

"She had obviously been cut on the side of her jaw," Mitchell said. "Her tongue was gone, her ear was gone."

She initially assumed the animal had fallen victim to teenagers or was part of a sacrificial ritual, until earlier this month. Mitchell made the next discovery on July 9.

"I looked first to see her tongue was gone, then immediately noticed the udder had been completely removed," Mitchell said.

The reproductive organs were gone too, Mitchell said. A char mark outlining the cow's body - still visible today - made the death even more mysterious.

Finally on July 19, Mitchell found the third cow. She said its heart was exposed and its teats were cut off.

All three animals' tongues were also cut out.

Mitchell said the cuts all looked surgical with clean, precise incisions. And in all three deaths, Mitchell said there was no blood despite the animals' gaping wounds.

[ I presume that this means that no bleeding could happen - arclein ]

Since the cows graze in such an isolated place, nobody saw or heard a thing. Mitchell said the sheriff's department and a veterinarian have investigated, but can't come up with an answer.

"The more it happens, the more questions you get. And the more you learn, you find more and more things that make you ask more questions," Mitchell said.

With all other reasonable causes debunked, Mitchell said she is open to the possibility that extraterrestrial life could be responsible.

Similar cases of animal mutilation have been reported in Missouri in the past few years. The FBI nearly investigated in the 1970s. With the unsolved mysteries looming, aliens have become a common answer.

Mitchell is considering installing cameras to catch the person or thing in action the next time they visit her ranch. She just wants the killing to stop.

"Something happened to these cows and it's not something that you see every day, it's not in your normal, so something else is going on," Mitchell said.

Man Witnessed Animal Mutilation by Aliens
North Highlands, CA - 1964-06-18 - unedited: Alien "animal mutilation" witnessed by my golfing buddy in 1964 at McClellan air base in Sacramento. My friend has agreed to talk to you upon my request. He is Paul of the well a known family. His brother is a majority owner of an NBA basketball franchise.

He is 78 years old and lives here in Sacramento California. He is the only person I have ever heard that has witnessed animal mutilations by alien beings not the military!

He saw 6 small midget like beings dressed in what he describes as uniforms? While he was waiting for his father from work at the base. He witnessed the disklike craft (18ft diam, 8 ft high)land at the north end of the base and settle down without landing pods or gear. It illumnated the area bright as day after landing. Shortly thereafter he witnessed a half dozen of these beings depart the craft for the better part of a half hr at a distance of approximately 50 yards. The midgets appeared to be working around the animals(cows)on the ground. 

He didnt know what to think about the incident until he read an article in the newspaper the next day regarding animal mutilations. 

Call me for his phone number. Better hurry as his health is failing. He is lucid and he remembers the incident as if it happened yesterday. He is credible and is the most honest truthful human I know. 

I think this is an important sighting as it debunks the theory about the military being responsible....

I too have witnessed a UFO while a teenager in Texas in 1964. It was much different than Paul's sighting. My sighting was similar to Jimmy Carter's sighting. I and 2 of my high school chums saw a gigantic luminous "Sphere" (like the moon without craters) at night on a lonely Texas road. This was not a machine or disk that engaged my car several times. There was no contact(did not check the time?) just appeared to be observing us. Then after several departures and returns over my car it dashed out of sight. It seemed like just a few minutes but who knows how much time passed as we did not check the time of the sighting too excited back then as teenagers! - MUFON CMS

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