Monday, November 15, 2021

Vaccinated People Are Dying of All Causes 6-1 Over Unvaccinated

We are already seeing a six fold increase in the natural death rate induced by Vaccination All this conforms to a 2,000,000,000 dead world wide.

What now offends me is that China is handling hte Vaccine rollouts correctly.  We see the exact opposite globally elsewhere with some exceptions.

This is a subtle play but ceertainly planned and all part of a desired assault on the global population.  By close management, I suspect China hopes to channel the losses out of its productive core.

Can we accept the loss of every third person?  Can we truly survive it as a culture.  The real tragedy wil lstill be China which will lose four in five over a longer time frame.


Vaccinated People Are Dying of All Causes 6-1 Over Unvaccinated

Global Research, November 11, 2021

The last 7 Public Health England / UK Health Security Agency ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report figures on Covid-19 cases show that double vaccinated 40-79 year-olds have now lost 50% of their immune system capability and are consistently losing a further 5% every week (between 3.9% and 8.8%).

Projections, therefore, suggest that 40-79 year-olds will have zero Covid / Viral defense at best, or a form of vaccine-mediated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at worst, by Christmas and all double vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost that part of their immune system which deals with Covid-19 within the next 13 weeks.

Then we have this chart which shows the comparison of cases of vaccinated and unvaccinated. Look at the last two columns for the 30 and over. It appears that the vaccinated are catching Delta at a greater rate than the unvaccinated by week 41.

The UK Government’s own data does not support the claims made for Covid-19 Vaccine Safety & Effectiveness, see this.

Double Jabbed die rate is Six Times higher than Unvaccinated, new data finds, see this.

Herland Report: Double Jabbed die rate Six Times higher: Recent data from the U.K. Office of National Statistics reveals people who have been double jabbed against COVID-19 are dying from all causes at a rate six times higher than the unvaccinated.

In the U.S., meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is propping up the official narrative with two manipulated studies — one suggesting the jab reduces all-cause mortality, and another claiming the shot is five times more protective than natural immunity.


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