Friday, November 26, 2021

Bizarre Humanoid Deer & Not-Deer Encounters

We know that the giant sloth can project a deer like image, along with  red riding hood.  Neither is perfect though.  It is enough to set up an ambush.  Most of hte matetrial here conforms to this.  

We also get the very common smell of dead meat which we expect, and for the first time we get freshly opened shallow graves which are cache sites for fresh kills.  I was expecting this as those claws are perfect for making those.

The picture becomes clearer.

Bizarre Humanoid Deer & Not-Deer Encounters

Monday, November 22, 2021

4 bizarre accounts that describe deer-like creatures, possibly not-deer. What were these beings? Have you had a similar encounter or sighting?

I came across the following accounts:

"My first time hearing of not-deer was on a video on YouTube. I was half asleep at the time so the details are fuzzy but I'm hoping someone can point me towards this story or others like it.

I recall that a gentleman stated that he was out hunting and saw what he thought were two bucks off in the distance. Apparently he watched them for a moment before taking a shot and hitting one of the bucks with a kill shot.

He stated that he went down to inspect his kill, completely expecting that the other buck to have run off due to the shot ringing out. As he approached his kill he noticed the other buck inspecting the dead one which he shot. He noted that it was really weird behavior.

As he watched, he realized that 2nd buck wasn't a buck at all. It had black eyes that were staring at him. He states that this thing stood up and just stared right into his eyes. The thing was humanoid and it was standing at least 8 or 9 feet, not including the horns.

It didn't make a move or a sound. It just stared into this guy's soul. His response was to turn tail and run. Whatever it was didn't chase him. It just stared at him with cold hatred.

These encounters really enthrall me." JL


"My backyard is a small patch of woodland in western New York, probably less than an acre. I'm up there wandering around, looking for cool things like bottles or discarded shotgun shells, when I hear a low, pained wail sound. So I call out, "Hello?" and maybe 2 or 3 seconds after, I hear it again, but louder, and closer. I start smelling like a spoiled meat. So I hold my stick tighter, because I was 13 at the time and sticks are badass. The wail was relatively feminine. I don't hear it again, and I go back to my house, maybe a 5 minute walk away.

On my way back, I continuously hear sticks breaking, or leaves crunching behind me (not too close behind, just behind). I make it inside, and tell my mom about it. She wants me to go back out there in case its an injured animal.

So maybe 10 minutes later, I go back into the woods to investigate, this time with my dads hatchet. I hear the moan again from the same area, and go look. Now, this area isn't great. There's a wore down cabin that used to be a boys hangout way back when, rotten car seats, nails everywhere, and there's lots of thorn, and deer shit. There's also an abundance of trees in this area. However, one thing I noticed is two side by side, maybe 4 foot long 2 feet wide divots. Maybe a foot deep. These don't play into the not-deer thing, they are just...there. I don't find any animals, no body, no nothing. I go back to the house, and tell my mom I found nothing. Did I hear a not-deer?" CH


"My cousin and I were on a backroad outside our small north east Texas town coming home from my grandparents. There are whitetail deer all over this area and we see them all the time, but this time my cousin and I pulled up to what looked like a female whitetail deer.

Something was off with this “deer” though. It had zero reaction to me honking my horn at it, and when I flashed my brights at it it seemed unphased by that also. We started looking at it with a little more interest when it didn’t react to anything. As I started really looking at it I realized that it looked a little off.

The deer-like creature was a little taller than a Great Dane with legs like a whitetail, but it didn’t have deer hooves and it’s torso looked about half the length of a regular doe. It’s head was shaped like a deer but it’s head was bent irregularly and it had jagged teeth.

It really freaked my cousin and I out." OS


"Everyday in the summer (with good weather) I walk from my house up a trail through my woods to a field behind my house. I go up there maybe 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM to take pictures and look at the sunset, and I return when its getting dark.

So, on my way up, its a very rocky hill, lots of small pebbles and fallen sticks. There's a house to the side, and a small shed. With just an engine in it, for some reason. Just four metal rods, a roof, and an engine. Don't ask why, its been there forever. Anyways, I'm almost up the bend when a "deer" comes bolting out the foliage on my left, and runs into the field. I follow it.

So, I get up to the field and its maybe halfway across already. It's just standing there, staring at me. It was a very skinny buck too, big horns, and I could almost make out its ribs, but they were a bit difficult to see. I take a step closer to it (its maybe 50 feet away) and it turns and runs. I run a bit more to get closer, and it's all the way in the trees now, still looking at me. It doesn't make a sound, just stares. I couldn't tell exactly what it was doing, but I'm quite positive it opened its mouth to say something. I ended up not taking pictures, and going right back." C

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