Monday, November 29, 2021

(Reader: timjoebob) Liberals are Communists

The persistence of Marxism in the face of public abject failure is astonishing, but it supplies a blueprint for hordes of stupid people to grab power and resources to themselves from others.  

This makes it disgusting.

Nine tenths of hte population simply do not believe anyone is that stupid.  This allows the stupid to grasp for power.  Today they are roiling the global polity.  They cannot persist but then they have.

(Reader: timjoebob) Liberals are Communists

Tuesday, 23 November 2021, 20:51 PM

Reader Post | By timjoebob

…but they’re too stupid to see it…with, perhaps, the exception of a few who can actually think logically, critically, without bias, but that is rare, indeed. It’s always their way or the highway. There’s only ever one opinion, their opinion. And when they’re proven wrong on whatever issue, they won’t admit it or concede that they were mistaken. They’re arrogant and self-absorbed.

How is it that Marxism is so powerful at brainwashing people? Oh, …Socialism is great. In what world, in what century, in what era has Socialism ever worked in favor of the people creating the wealth? Never. In the short term it always looks good to the unwary…the followers and swallowers…gobble that crap right up.

All of a sudden, bam! …Communism. Oops! Too late suckers. The scumbags at the top of this heap of sewage are the only ones that live good. The rest of the world can go to hell for all they care. The rest are slaves. It works perfectly well. It’s a great system…if you’re an evil criminal…a narcissistic Satanic cultist.

How nice. This is the world that Liberals stole into power…I mean voted into power…I mean cheated into power. They are sooooo smart…sooooo intelligent…such good little sheeple. Bahhh! Baahhh! Baaahhhhhh!

When I see and hear and experience the frequency vibes emanating from planet Psycho it causes me to wonder if I’ll make it through the night.

In this mist of coagulating darkness I visualize planet Earth—that beautiful blue marble. What a gorgeous sight. She’s so beautiful and full of life. I can hear soothing music. … abounds…the air is crisp and clean and clear. I hear bees working the flowers and plants of all kinds. The oceans are clean and inviting. Nature is a marvel. …the mountains so majestic.

Sorry, I drifted off in a little daydream there for a few seconds. I’ll go back to it later.

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