Saturday, November 27, 2021

Claims of Extreme Longevity of up to 130 Years

What emerges is that 130 years may be possible for most once we achieve physical restoration and that there is evidence that well beyond htat is possible.  Our biological clock must be much more forgiving than we have thought.

If 185 is at least possible without magic, then much more should also be possible.  My first contention is that our biological clock does not show a meaningful end date that we cannot better.  recall we do have a case in which a chinese man lasted around three hundred years and largely chose to leave.

It is completely possible that those approaching one hundred actually choose to leave for the most part.

Thus it may be best to have a life mission like myself which engages continously for a thousand years at least such as Terraforming Terra.  It will take that long to restore the Sahara forests and the whole middle east.

This is all going to change.

Claims of Extreme Longevity of up to 130 Years

November 24, 2021 by Brian Wang

As of September, Guinness World Records was still verifying Lola Francisca Susan’s documents. The Philippines claims she was officially 124 when Lola Francisca Susan died. Once verified, she would officially eclipse France’s Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at age 122.

Local records claim Francisca Susano was born on September 11, 1897, one year before Spain relinquished its reign over the Philippines and sold it to the USA.

India has a person Rehtee Begum with documents claiming an age of 124.

There are many claims of extreme longevity but records are difficult to substantiate.

The oldest verified person currently alive today is 118-year-old Japanese woman Kane Tanaka.

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