Friday, January 21, 2011

Thickening Arctic Ice?

At least the Navy thinks so.  Nothing else supports that contention as yet unless you want to count on visual areal extent to determine average thickness.

I do have questions.  How is thickness determined?  That is not obvious at all.  Can the data be skewed by non compact ice flows?

Otherwise, the Arctic continues to have above average winter conditions conforming to a warmer upper layer of ocean.  This may well be getting whittled down and 2007 in fact could have made its contribution by shifting a lot of ice into a small area.

Yet forty years of past warming was certainly the result of a new imbalance of warm water entering the Arctic.  No evidence has surfaced to suggest that this has ended at all.

Welcome to the confusion that is the science of predicting sea ice outcomes.

Area Of Thick Arctic Ice Has Doubled In The Last Two Years

US Navy PIPS data shows that the area of ice greater than 2.5 metres thick – has doubled since the same date in 2008.


F. said...

Why am I not surprised?

This entire website continues the traditional methodology of all climate alarmists of not letting the facts interfere with their pre-drawn conclusions.

There is no climate crisis.

There is no CO2 problem.

CO2 that comes from our use of fossil fuels represents only one part in 62,500 in our atmosphere.

But the ultimate irony of the entire global warming hoax, is that: WARMING IS GOOD, which is something that I believe we'll all begin to realize in the next 10 to 20 years, as the earth enters another one of its periodic cooling phases.

Throughout history, all life forms and civilizations have flourished during the earth's warm periods, and suffered during the cold periods. Crops don't grow well when it gets cold, and all plant life and the animals that feed on them (including humans) thrives when it's warm.

For as long as anyone can remember, there's always been someone pushing the panic button about climate change. If we go through a heat spell, we’re told that the planet is burning up, and then when we start to go through another one of our periodic cold spells, as we did from the 1940’s to the mid 1970’s we’re told that we’re entering another ice age. 35 years ago, in the mid 1970’s, climate alarmists were also warning of another ice age. There's a wonderful article online from the Time Magazine issue of June 24th, 1974 entitled “Another Ice Age?”,9171,944914,00.html

In that article, written only 35 years ago, the same so called experts, were saying that our vehicle emissions were blocking the warmth of the sun from reaching us. No kidding!. Check out the 2nd paragraph of page 2, which says:

"Man, too, may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend. The University of Wisconsin's Reid A. Bryson and other climatologists suggest that dust and other particles released into the atmosphere as a result of farming and fuel burning may be blocking more and more sunlight from reaching and heating the surface of the earth."

In more recent years of course, the alarmists have been saying that our vehicle emissions are causing the earth to get dangerously warm. Now, before the global warming clowns have even thrown in the towel, some in that community are beginning once again to promote another global cooling scare by predicting another imminent ice age in which millions may starve to death.

This nonsense has been going on forever. How many times must they be proven wrong before we stop listening to them altogether?

In my article "159 Years of Climate Alarmism at The New York Times" at:

I show a list of 60 articles from 1875 to 1979 in the NYT's online archives that I found by searching for the keywords "climate change". There were many more when using other search words & phrases.

Dr. Bob Carter, who gives what in my opinion is the best short explanation of the global warming hoax available on You Tube:

sums it all up quite neatly, when he says:

“We don’t try to stop volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms, or tsunamis because we know that they’re natural hazards that we can neither predict or control. Climate change is exactly the same with the single difference that it tends to happen over a slightly longer period of time.”

He concludes by saying that the only rational thing that we can do about is learn to adapt to it.

That's excellent advice!

West London Tales said...

Bob Carter the geologist?
Sounds like a great source of knowledge on climate....