Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarah Palin's America by Heart

Sarah Palin’s new book ‘America by Heart’ has been out a few weeks and I took the time to read it over the past weekend.  I was not displeased.  In it she makes the effort to show the readers that she is part of a stream of conservative feminist philosophy with a long and proud history.  She succeeds.

She makes no particular effort to show that she is ‘learned’ but that is an affectation of academe and often obscures than reveals.  Her heroes are Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge and the Founders of course.  These are not bad mentors to have.

Elitists who continue to be allergic to the ideas and thinking that informs the American people will reject this book out of hand.  Everyone else will find in this stalwart of traditional values plenty to take comfort in.

I think that the genuineness of her beliefs will continue to support a continual broadening of her political base into the center and that the only candidate able to actually challenge her is Mitt Romney who appeals to the same constituency for the same reasons.  Since they obviously respect each other, we are likely to see them working closely whatever the final shakeout there.

The book itself deals with prayer, mama grizzly feminism, and American exceptionalism and related themes.  Perhaps Sarah Palin is the proper answer to the question of political feminism that has been drifting and lacking conviction for so many years.

In a country in which the electorate has watched their reps been bought off one way or the other over the past two decades in the most obvious fashion, Sarah has taken the high road in such a way as to empower many other like minded people.  Remember that the Tea Party is all about Washington corruption.  Promises are no longer acceptable.

If she becomes president, and I think she will be or so close as to barely matter, she will have the mandate to end our recent version of crony capitalism.  I do not think that this movement will be particularly stoppable either.

This is good book that affirms our beliefs in good citizenship.  It is well worth the read.

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