Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Palin Criticizes Planned Mosque on WTC Site

Could someone explain to me how we can use the phrase ‘religious freedom’ in the same breath with a doctrine that demands not freedom but submission to authority, not love but hatred to those refusing to join.  That today is the problem confronting the secular west, which is imbued with the Judaic Christian ethos on reacting to Islam which tells you that it cannot be trusted.

Palin has it right.  This is a provocation conforming to the ideology of perpetual war.  I do not think for a second that every Muslim grasps or even reads their own teachings and I think they are kept deliberately ignorant and compliant by those pushing the agenda of jihad.  Instead, they are encouraged in their expectations while the left hand pushes the barbarian dream.

In the past century, it became necessary to mostly ban Nazism and Communism for the exact same disease. Do it my way and believe what I say or I will hate you and kill you.  How can there be room for compromise with this?  Both ideologies admitted to borrowing heavily from Islam in their approach and acceptance of brainwashing methods.

The question is how to change the outcome without descending into war and genocide.

Palin Criticizes Planned Mosque on WTC site
Sunday, 18 Jul 2010

Sarah Palin blasted plans for an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City.

Using her Twitter accounted, Palin wrote: “Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real.” The tweet was first reported by The Hill.

An hour later the former
Alaska governor added: “Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing.”

The mosque is part of a complex called Cordoba House, a project that has
New York politicians lining up on both sides, according to The Hill.

The planned mosque has divided
New York officials. Michael Bloomberg has defended the project. But GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio has attacked the proposal and this month called for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo – his Democratic opponent in the race for governor – to probe the project’s backing. 

But Cuomo backs the project.

“This country is about religious freedom. If there is a central premise to the founding for this nation, it is religious freedom and it is that government doesn’t pick religions,” Cuomo said this month.

Here’s how the Cordoba Initiative – a group that says its aim is to improve Muslim-West relations – describes the project:

“This proposed project is about promoting integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion through arts and culture. Cordoba House will provide a place where individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, will find a center of learning, art and culture; and most importantly, a center guided by Islamic values in their truest form – compassion, generosity, and respect for all.”

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