Friday, August 20, 2010

Jumping the Shark

Contrary to first impressions, this may be a rather good project.  We are perhaps five years away form high range battery technology of some form this would fit together nicely.

Without the fuss and limitations imposed by fuel based systems we can optimize a design like this.  More interestingly this design really lends itself to a light submersible system in which sealed shell containment is used.  The limitation will be that the operating depth will only be perhaps fifty feet or much less.  It needs to be enough to go under water below moderate wave activity.

We may even be able to uses a tail like propulsion system with battery technology and hydraulic actuators.

Let us wish them luck.

If you saw this thing on your neighbor's trailer, you'd laugh at him. "What sort of pretentious man-child buys a boat shaped like a shark," you'd scoff into your mugaccino, secure in the knowledge that you'd never shell out for something so ridiculous. But you might change your tune if you caught him down at the lake and watched him pulling 50mph (80km/h) barrel rolls, then diving under the surface and launching the thing 12-feet (3.6m) into the air like some sort of evil mechanical dolphin. The Seabreacher X is preposterous in theory, but in practice it's an adrenaline machine that can do things pretty much no other watercraft can – take a look at the video after the jump.

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