Friday, September 23, 2022

16-Year Plan to Destroy America

a reminder that this is real. Understand that the decisions publicaly made are in many cases inexcusable but conform to such a plan.  WHY were we even talking to Iran?

Yet it was never quite enough to bring out public outrage and massive resistence.  That is now a creaping take over works.  We are all experiencing a global Communist cum NAZI takeover of the entire globe.  The USA was central but still only part of a whole.

We have been living through a clear demonstyration of the plandemic global genocide as imagined and hopefully thwarted.

How is it you can read through this and not think you are targeted..

16-Year Plan to Destroy America

This video about a chart that describes the "16-year plan to destroy America" was posted yesterday on TRUTHSocial by the intelligence collective, Enthéos with the comment:


• Purge Constitutional Military Leaders

• Insert Globalist Military Leaders

• Disarm American Citizens

• Arm Jihadis/ISIS/Cartels

• Persecute Whistleblowers

• Weaponize Gov Agencies (+IRS)

• Transform Education with Revisionism

• Bankrupt USA (Cloward-Piven Strategy)

• Stoke Racial Tension

• Open Borders/Import Refugees

• Weaken NSA Strengthen CIA

• Enable Trafficking/Promote Satanism/End Christianity

• Wet Works/SCOTUS

The chart describes key initiatives to ensure the destruction of the US to be undertaken during 8 years of Obama's presidency, followed by 8 years of Hillary's presidency.

Q referred to the "16-year plan to destroy America" on December 21, 2018 in Post 2640 and I first saw this chart in 2018 or 2019.

Seeing it again a few years later, it's clear that it's real and that various things that were supposed to be implemented under Hillary Clinton have been achieved, instead under Trump and Biden, including the destruction and censorship of opposing news outlets, a "Population Control Mass Extinction Event", in which "billions of dollars" would be "pocketed", open borders (i.e., an endless supply of Democrat voters) and the deliberate destruction of the economy to starve and enslave the public:



• Install Rogue Operators in Government (Comey, Lynch, Holder)

• Remove Good Guys from Government (Valerie Jarrett Sniffer)

• Fund Terrorism (MS-13, ISIS) - Control Domestic Terror

• Leak Classified Intel/Military Secrets (Intel to China/Russia)

Special Access Program Selloff (SAPs on Hillary's Servers)

• Nuclearize North Korea and Iran (Blind Eye to Nuke Progress)

• Cut Military Funding (Budget Sequestration)

• Weaken NSA/Reveal Programs (Edward Snowden Leaks)

• Fund/Supply North Korea & Iran (Uranium 1, Iran Deal)

• Weaken Command of Generals (End Don't Ask Don't Tell)

• Target/Weaken Conservative Base (IRS Targeting, MSM Bias)

• Stage Supreme Court (Antonin Scalia)

• Kill NASA Space Supremacy/EMP Risk (End Space Shuttle)

• Relax Borders/Flood Illegals (New Dem Voters)


• World War III/Real & Orchestrated (Planned Like WW1-2)

• Revise Constitution (Kill Rights & Freedoms)

• Close US Military Bases Globally (Weaken Military Response)

• Population Control/Pocket Billions (Mass Extinction Event) -

i.e., Death Shot

• Ban Sale of Firearms (Mass Shootings - No Guns)

• Destroy/Censor Opposing News Outlets (FCC Censorship)

• Eliminate Final Good Guys in Government (No Resistance)

• Install Corrupt Supreme Court Justices (Dem/Liberal Legal Wins)

• Open Borders (Endless Supply of Dem Voters)

• Kill Economy/Starve/Enslave Public (Starved, Blind and Stupid)

• Remove Electoral College (Rigged Voting Machines)

• Limit/Remove Military Funding (Weaken Military Assets)

When "AT" on the TRUTHSocial thread asked, "What can be done to correct and how can we help, Enthéos?" the latter replied:

"You're doing it AT - the 2nd American Revolution

is Information based

concentrate energy on November election

much easier with more hands on deck

keep supporting President Trump's mission

they're destroying themselves for generations

be LITE - discard anything meaningless around you

no 'time killers' - use talents / be creative / be kind

start with your circle of influence then expand

we're going to win - not a joy ride though

more like a bull ride."

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olde reb said...

Major items in globalism ??

As is being proven every day, if you do not attack the funding of corrupt bureaucrats, civil disturbances, and Great Reset/globalism/war mongering, legions of new programs and corrupt bureaucrats will replace the old exposed ones.

The civil chaos of the USA government/society, and the Rothschild Great Reset oppression, are submitted to be funded by two methods of questioned legality.

First: An Income tax on Sovereign Citizens is not consistent with Constitutional authorization nor does statutory authorization for such a tax exist. Ref. THE INCOME TAX SCAM & 87,000 ARMED IRS AGENTS |

Second: The Federal Reserve system covertly transfers ‘profit’ derived from auctions of Treasury securities to unknown shareholders. All profit of the Rothschild’s Fed legally belongs to the government. The relevant accounts have never been audited. Ref. THIS IS OUR BANKING SYSTEM

Both methods involve financiers – BEYOND GOVERNMENT – who are the chief beneficiaries.

If this nefarious funding of corrupt politicians and Great Reset is not exposed, all far-right legislation will be subverted with new globalist subterfuge.