Monday, August 15, 2022

Buzzcraft for Earth Moon Cycler Transport

I do like this although it really calls for the positioning of a proper space station possibly in geostationary orbit and then the first order of business will be ferrying materials to a lunar orbit to build a station there.

Any such station needs to be balloon shaped in order to provide a shirt sleeve working environmemt along with rotation to provide one g acceleration along the rim.  Hardware can be transported in and out of the zero g hub.

This can all be built incrementally as well and easily provide a huge working space 

Once in place, we can also establish magnetic accelerators along the hub of both stations to possible boost material between either station.

all that still leaves the up and down work but there we already have options and even the possibility of a magnetic accelerator on the moon as well.

It will still be a big build but this is completely doable and can even house thousands on those stations and perhaps thousands more on the moon itself.

Buzzcraft for Earth Moon Cycler Transport

Buzzcraft for Earth Moon Cycler Transport

August 9, 2022 by Brian Wang

A Cislunar Cycler, called Buzzcraft, would continually cycle in an orbit between the Earth and Moon, passing close to both Moon & Earth at regular intervals. Cyclers are among the most efficient cislunar transportation methods. The Buzzcraft concept was developed by Brad Manucha for the USC ASTE 527 course taught by Madhu Thangevalu.

Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon, has been a propoent of cyclers from Earth to Mars. This is named after Buzz but is a cycler from Earth to the moon designed by Brad Manucha.

Buzzcraft would also require less propellant to fly in this orbital profile for multi-year missions to establish a sturdy Earth-Moon Logistics Channel and provide vital abort, emergency and rescue missions if and when the need arises.

Cycler spacecraft are likely to become a part of the critical interplanetary infrastructure to transport people and cargo.

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