Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Big Bang

What all this really says is that the Cosmos is vastly older than estimated through the Big Bang concept.  The curve shown in the illustyration merely confirms as much as it shows the real rate of change declining.  That is easily predicted by elementary considerations based on an original act of creation. 

Recall one divided by x as x goes to infinity and then recall we only have empirical infinity which is an insanely large number and that one divided by x does not become zero.  Rather an im[ortant consideration that everyone has been ignoring ( or dismissing as unimportant ).

I suspect that the speed of light is directly linked inversely to the n value of the whole cosmos, n been the number of fundamental partyicles in existence. Just a thought .

Big Bang

If you missed LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric Lerner’s July 26 presentation on “Panic and Censorship in Cosmology: JWST and the Fusion Energy Connection”, you can view it here on line:

For the time-starved, you can view the presentation, without the discussion, in three parts. In part 1,, Lerner explains that prior to JWST, the Big Bang theory’s predictions were contradicted by 16 different sets of observations and confirmed by only one—the abundance of deuterium. Papers summarizing why the Big Bang hypothesis is invalid have been censored by major journals and even by the open pre-print website arXiv. A paper by Lerner and colleague Riccardo Scarpa which predicted what JWST would find on the basis of a non-expanding universe, with no Big Bang, was similarly censored.

In part 2,, he shows that the first few weeks of data from JWST contradict the Big Bang hypothesis in four different ways.

In part 3,, he describes the real evolution of the cosmos without a Big Bang. This evolution can be understood using a small number of basic processes that have been well-studied in the laboratory—the pinch effect, the formation of plasmas filaments, gravitation and nuclear fusion. A new physical process is only needed to explain why light loses energy as it travels, creating the redshift. Without a Big Bang, dark energy, inflation or dark matter, we can accurately predict the phenomena of the universe that we observe. The same processes, especially plasma filamentation are crucial in LPPFusion’s effort to develop fusion energy.

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