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Australia’s Great Artesian Basin Water is Surfacing and Valuable Insights

something odd is happening in the Great Australian Artesian basin but still far below what i would define as a real signal.

what it does tell us is that making the basin wet is very practical.  Tree cover may well be good enough to have a rolling hydraulic cycle that then causes the central lake to be continously flooded.  this then drives an amazon like rainforest covering almost two thirds of australia.

rotational grazing along with working forests should do most of it.

Para Kas-Vetter: Australia’s Great Artesian Basin Water is Surfacing and Valuable Insights

Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 17, 2022

Australia’s Great Artesian Basin water is surfacing AND Valuable insights

“Across outback Queensland, Great Artesian Basin water is surfacing where it has never been seen before”

“Amazing how Nature and Universal Laws take over or even something much much greater…………….. seems the idea of suppressing abundance does not last long. Much like the soul. You suppress a soul too much it can fire up and really take control. Mmmmm I wonder what this all could mean……..for the future of Australia and the World.

Isn’t there a conspiracy that Australia is one of the five eyes? I think from what I read it means “The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.”

Mythology is a wonderful word. Myths? Could they hold more truth than what we are being told?

Wow I just discovered something PHENOMENAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Para Kas-Vetter

“five eyes”:

“The five kinds of vision, or literally “five eyes” are:the eye of flesh which refers to an eye faculty developed through the force of one’s merit, having the ability to see all forms, gross or subtle, from one hundred leagues through to the limits of the three thousand-fold universe;

the divine eye which is the effortless ability to see the births and deaths of all beings and is a result of the practice of meditation in past lives;

the wisdom eye which sees the truth of dharmata;

the Dharma eye which is the knowledge of the Dharma of scripture (or transmission) and realization, and of the faculties of noble beings who possess this Dharma;

the Buddha eye which is the primordial wisdom (yeshé) that sees all aspects of everything that can be known.”

In other words:

“These are

(1) the physical-eye that a sentient being is born with;

(2) the god-eye that can see anything anywhere;

(3) the wisdom-eye that can see the emptiness of dharmas;

(4) the dharma-eye that can discriminate all dharmas; and

(5) the Buddha-eye of omniscience, which includes the preceding four at the highest level

WOW!human eye
devine eye
dharma eye
wisdom eye
Buddha eye

There are five kinds of eyes or vision – human eye – it is our flesh eye, an organ to see an object with limitation, for instance, in darkness, with obstruction. – devine eye – it can see in darkness and in distance, attainable by men in dhyana (concentration/meditation). – wisdom eye – the eye of Arhat and Two Vehicles i.e. the sound hearers (Sravaka) and the Enlightened to Conditions (Praetyka Buddha). It can see the false and empty nature of all phenomena. – dharma eye – the eye of Bodhisattva. It can see all the dharmas in the world and beyond the world. – buddha eye – the eye of Buddha or omniscience. It can see all that four previous eyes can see.”

Valuable insights: “Awakening to Limitless Mind”

“Imagine that there is a totally enclosed dark house in the middle of a big city, with one very small window from which one can see only crowded tall buildings, a little blue sky above, and a few limited human activities. Suppose a child is born and grows up in this house. What would be his impressions of his world? They would no doubt be based on what he sees through the small opening. No matter how eloquently one might describe to him the beauty of the vastness of a seascape and the wonder of a view at sunrise and sunset he could hardly understand and appreciate them.

This is precisely how our human eye limits us. We are actually in a dark house, viewing the universe through a very small opening which is our physical eye. Yet we insist that what we see is the complete, real, and true world.

Now imagine that there is another house on top of a mountain. The house has a large picture window from which one can see the unlimited sky and infinite horizon. Maybe we can make it even more romantic by saying that numerous flower gardens and dancing girls surround the place. Again, a child is born and grows up in this house. Is it not conceivable that the world he envisions is much greater and more beautiful than the one seen through the small window facing a crowded city? According to this analogy, the second child possesses the heavenly eye whereas the first one has only the physical eye.”

“Imagine that I have a radio here. If I take out the loud-speaker, can you call the loud-speaker the radio? The answer is no. You call it the loud-speaker. Now take out the transistor. Do you call the transistor the radio? Again no, it is the transistor. How about the condenser, the resister, the plastic case, the wire, etc.? None of these parts are called the radio. Now note carefully. When all the parts are separate, can you tell me where the radio is? There is no radio. Therefore, ‘radio’ is simply a name given to a group of parts put together temporarily. When one dismantles it, the radio loses its existence. A radio is not a permanent entity. The true nature of the radio is emptiness.

Not only is the radio emptiness; the loud-speaker is too. If I take the magnet out of the loud-speaker, do you call it a loud-speaker? No, you call it a magnet. If I remove the frame, do you call it a loud-speaker? Again no, you call it a frame. When all the parts are taken apart where is the loud- speaker? So, if we dismantle the loud-speaker, it loses its existence. A loud-speaker is not a permanent entity. In reality, a loud-speaker is emptiness.

Now, this analytical method of disintegration can be applied to everything in the world, and will lead to the same conclusion: Everything can disintegrate; therefore, nothing is a permanent entity. So, no matter what name we call a thing, it is, in reality, emptiness.”

“Although we see hundreds of thousands of different things in the world, man is able to integrate them into a few basic elements. For example, based upon chemical characteristics man has classified gold as a basic element. We are able to name thousands of golden articles ranging from a complicated golden statue to a simple gold bar, but all of these articles could be melted and remolded into other forms. They are changeable and impermanent. The things which remain unchanged are the common chemical characteristics, due to which we call all of these articles ‘gold.’ In other words, all of these articles are integrated under the category of the element which we call gold.

In Buddha’s time, Indian philosophers integrated everything into four basic elements, namely, solids, liquids, gas, and heat. Buddha went further and declared that the four elements could be integrated into emptiness. Continuing with our example of gold, Buddha’s statement means that we can also question the existence of gold as a permanent entity, even though we have recognized it as a common characteristic of the various golden articles. Whatever we can show is but a specific form of gold, such as a gold bar which is basically changeable and impermanent. Therefore, gold is simply a name given to certain characteristics. Gold itself is emptiness.

By the same reasoning, the Buddha concluded that all solids are emptiness. Not only are solids emptiness, but liquids are too, since the characteristics of fluidity are formless, ungraspable, and empty of independent existence. Thus, 2,500 years ago, Buddha concluded that everything in the universe can be integrated into emptiness.”

“We need to start looking outside of the limited minds. We need to come together. We are in the most pivotal time of our lives. Our world is going to change ever so much more in ways that cannot be fathomed with the current mindset. I am still overcoming with overwhelming emotions in what I have learnt and discovered, shown and aware of and I am still yet to be shown more.

We are in the most sacred times of our lives. The old era is crumbling. There can no longer be any denying of it. And already a New Era has begun. So step outside.

Here is a conclusion to the article. A very important message to heed. Help one another. There is no turning back. The old world is ending and those who are of love light and truth, honour, grace and respect, certainly won’t miss it. We are heading for TRUE Living and it can be deeply overwhelming to believe for a moment that it could be truly happening. Corralled for so long into a limited mindset and life, how could many ever begin to imagine anything more when fear has gripped them?

BUT when something so great, so Brilliant occurs that loosens the grip of fear, clarity rises on a whole new level and the willingness for something more magical to immerse our lives in.”

Para Kas-Vetter

Compassion/Helping one another:

“It should be pointed out here that such compassion is not superficial but is deep and fathomless. It has no pre-requisite such as “because I like you” or “because you obey me.” It is nondiscriminating and unconditional. Such compassion and love arises spontaneously from the direct experience of emptiness, the state of perfect harmony, equality, and lack of attachment of any sort.” https://www.baus.org/en/publications/dr-shens-collections/the-five-eyes/

“A huge mansion is on fire. There is only one door which leads to safety. Many men, women, and children are playing in the mansion but only a few of them are aware of the danger of fire. Those few who are aware of the danger try desperately to find a way out. The way is long and tricky. They finally get out of the mansion through the heavy smoke. Breathing in the fresh open air again, they are so delighted that they just lie on the ground and do not want to do anything more. One of them, however, thinks differently. He remembers that many people are still inside and are not aware of the danger of the fire. He knows that even if they are aware, they do not know the way that leads to safety. So, without considering his own fatigue and risk he goes back into the mansion again and again to lead the other people out of that dangerous place.

This person is a bodhisattva.” (bodhisattva possesses the Dharma eye) https://www.baus.org/en/publications/dr-shens-collections/the-five-eyes/

“Many people are traveling across a desert in search of a treasure at a remote location. They have walked a long distance under the hot sun, and are tired, thirsty, and desperately in need of a shaded place to rest and some water or fruit to quench their burning thirst. Suddenly three of them reach a compound surrounded by walls. One of them climbs to the top of the wall, cries out joyfully, and jumps into the compound. The second traveler follows and also jumps inside. Then the third traveler climbs to the top of the wall where he sees a beautiful garden, shaded by palm trees, with a large pond of spring water. What a temptation! However, while preparing to jump into the compound, he remembers that many other travelers are still wandering in the horrible desert without knowledge of this oasis. He refuses the temptation to jump into the compound, climbs down from the wall, and goes back into the immense, burning desert to lead the other travelers to this resting place.” “This person is a bodhisattva.” https://www.baus.org/en/publications/dr-shens-collections/the-five-eyes/


A couple was always at odds with each other. Then they heard about the five eyes. One day they began to quarrel. It looked as if it would be one of their usual arguments with both husband and wife so upset, angry, and frustrated that they wouldn’t speak to each other for days. Suddenly the husband said, “I am using my heavenly eye now. You are just a skeleton. Why should I argue with a skeleton?” The wife kept silent for a while and then burst into laughter. The husband asked, “What are you laughing about?” The wife said, “I am using my wisdom eye and you’ve disappeared. Now there is nothing bothering me. I am in shunyata.” Then they both laughed and said, “Let us both use our Dharma eyes. We are all manifestations, but let’s live happily together in this realm.””

Para Kas-Vetter
*”Philosophia” *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative


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