Thursday, December 21, 2017

Water-Soluble THC Is Now A Thing And Edibles May Never Be The Same

.There is ahuge market for this as the majority of folks wish to access the therapeutic aspects of both THC and CBD without getting impaired.  Ofcourse, THC is a way safer drug if one wishes to be impaired and adding it to your tea has to be attractive.

Today i can get packets of the sweetener Stevia at Starbucks andit even includes a small dose of sugar(s) to cut any off taste from the stevia much as i suggested a decade ago.  Perhaps we will see similar products for THC and CBD.

The real news is that it is been successfully integrated into our natural food and medication system.

Water-Soluble THC Is Now A Thing And Edibles May Never Be The Same

Into microdosing? This is for you.

Nov 30, 2017

A guy out of Colorado believes he’s created a product that will disrupt the edibles industry: powdered THC and CBD that’s tasteless and dissolvable in just about anything.

Justin Singer came up with the idea after cutting a pot brownie into a million little pieces so his diabetic grandmother could have some without losing her mind, according to Westword. Now, his company, Stillwater Brands, sells a water-soluble product called Ripple, which can infuse pretty much any food or drink item you can think of, from soup to cookies to water.

In fact, according to Westword, Stillwater now offers infused instant coffee and teas with the same technology, with serving sizes ranging from 2.5 milligrams to 10 milligrams of CBD and THC.

The selling point of Ripple is that it doesn’t need fat to bond with, unlike cannabutter. Singer tells Westword the challenge right now is educating consumers. “It’s tough, because dispensaries don’t have a tea aisle. They’re not a Whole Foods. Right now, marijuana information filters down from heavy users to new consumers. So for a 100-milligram user, this probably isn’t for them.”

Singer ‘s ideal consumer? One who microdoses.“Our product was created for grandmothers and working professionals in mind. Positive effects tend to come in lower doses unless you’re a medical patient. We’ve also seen a little interest in Ripple among active lifestyles — people integrating it into their workouts, adding it to their meals.”

“There’s a helluva lot of math involved in cannabutter.” Singer says. “We don’t expect to be the only ones on the block doing this.”

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