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Elon Musk has won- all car companies racing to electric self driving cars, India and China will ban gas cars by 2030

Elon Musk forced the industry to take the electric car meme seriously earlier than they might have by seriously putting real product on the road.  They could not ignore all that as much as they wished.
Battery technology is now good enough and will continue to get better.  I do want to see battery switch outs.  After all a truck load of batteries can be driven to your local power plant or even to Niagara Falls for a recharge and then driven back to a power swap station.  I suspect that this will increase supply by at least fifty percent.
The key point is that without adding a single new source of energy, this technology sharply increases our grid power supply by eliminating most line loss.
In the event by about 2030, gasoline demand will be in terminal decline.  Thus adding fresh oil supplies will be very risky.  It is time to simply move to recapitalization were possible and transition to gas and gas fracking.. .
Elon Musk has won- all car companies racing to electric self driving cars, India and China will ban gas cars by 2030

brian wang | December 5, 2017 |

Whatever troubles Tesla is currently having with the Model 3. The future of the Gigafactories is assured.

The flip in strategic position and massive investment push by all car makers means all prior forecasts of the number of electric cars and when self driving cars will arrive are under estimations.

Every new car will at least have autopilot by 2021.

Electric cars will now likely be 20% of all new cars by 2022.

The old forecasts on battery factories are underestimations.

Nearly complete electrification of new cars could occur around 2025-2027. It is a matter of how quickly the supply chain for mining, materials and components will occur.

The race to self driving and self driving ride sharing is also on between Uber, Lyft, Didi, and the car companies and their partners.

GM, Ford, Uber and Lyft are all going for self driving ride sharing electric cars

GM has stated they are shifting to self driving electric ride sharing cars. GM will launch in multiple cities in 2019

Ford created the EV-dedicated Team Edison to develop all-electric cars. Ford will invest $4.5 billion over the next five years on new all-electric and hybrid vehicles, with 13 new models slated for release by 2023. Ford plans a self driving ride sharing service by 2021.

To help speed development of self-driving cars, Chief Executive Mark Fields said Ford is hiking investments in Silicon Valley technology firms, tripling its investment in semi-autonomous systems, and more than doubling the size of its Palo Alto research team while expanding its campus in Silicon Valley.

Uber will buy tens of thousands of self driving cars from Volvo. Volvo will shift production to their own self driving electric cars.

European car makers are going electric and self driving

Nvidia and Audi will make a self-driving car by 2020.

Volkswagen has committed to spend $40 billion between now and 2030 to become a leader in electric cars.

Toyota, Mazda and Denso are bringing new electric car models out in 2019 and 2020.

Japan is going for electric and self driving cars

Toyota and Mazda will produce electric cars in both China and India starting in 2020.

Honda claims its 2022 Electric Vehicles will charge in 15 Minutes.

China is building and selling the most electric cars now and will make electric self driving cars

China had 66,000 electric cars registered in October, 2017. This about four times the level of electric cars sold in October in the USA.

They will create a comprehensive “AI + car” ecosystem in areas such as autonomous driving, car networking and cloud services .

They will explore intelligence upgrades for the auto industry.

Beiqi Group (aka BAIC) is sells the most popular electric car model in China with over 11,000 sold in the month of October.

BAIC has five lines of electric cars and some cars can go up to 400 km on a charge.

Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) will invest $1 billion in an Alabama plant to produce all-electric SUVs and build a battery facility, and $10 billion in EV development overall.

China and India likely to ban gas cars by 2030, France and UK banning by 2040

China, for one, aims to have two million EVs and hybrids on the road by 2019, and India will ban gas-powered vehicle sales completely by 2030. China has not officially announced a date for banning non-electric cars but it will likely be 2030.

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