Monday, December 11, 2017

UFO Activity in South Central Pennsylvania

This is a neat report as it makes clear through the observed motion that we are looking at a craft able to control its internal gravity. The apparent lights could well be landing lights.

More to the point, we now know that this technology has also been developed by the US Space Fleet since the mid fifties.  That at least explains the possible landing lights.

The powerful magnetic field is in evidence as well as it passes through the thick clouds and the force shoves the fog out of the way.

 For whatever reason they are not stealthing, or more likely we are dealing with ideal conditions.
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UFO Activity in South Central Pennsylvania

Hanover, PA on 2017-11-25: Driving on Rt. 94 north leaving Hanover, Pa. It was dark and there were clouds in the sky, out of my passenger window (north) a bright white light in the clouds caught my attention. It came down through the clouds rapidly, and there was a hole in the clouds where it came through, like it pierced the clouds and left a hole. Then it seemed to maintain that altitude for a second or two, not long enough to say that it was hovering because it started to move southward after it came down. It kind of came down, paused a second and started moving south. There was a glowing trail where it came down through the clouds. The object appeared black and round, I could only see the shape against the clouds above it, so I don't know for sure if it was actually black or not but it was definitely round. It had 2x visible lights, steady lights no pulsing no blinking. The object started moving south from my passenger side across the driver's side of the car. It was no longer leaving a trail and the lights began blinking as it was passing over, which made me think maybe it was a plane. But then it suddenly shot back north, back to where it had come down through the clouds, and the 2x lights got much brighter when that happened. Then it changed direction again and started heading back south again, at that point the 2x lights went to 1x solid bright white light, there was no more blinking, then it just shot off southward crazy crazy fast, and I lost sight of it. It was completely gone in under a second. Much too fast to have been a plane or drone I think?

After it was out of sight I noticed the glowing trail where it came through the clouds was still there and still glowing. It did not leave any other trail at all, just where it came through the clouds. It is possible that moon light may have been shining through the spot where it came through the clouds? But it really didn't look like that, it looked more like a glow, which faded away after about 2-minutes. I didn't hear any noise, didn't see any other planes in the sky, just a strange object that shifted direction rapidly and then took off crazy fast. Gotta say the glow it left in the clouds was creepy, it was like a whitish golden glow. The clock in the car said 7:20pm but I think out of habit I looked at my watch, it is a digital battery powered watch (Casio) and it was completely dead, no display on it at all. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the object or not? But I found it odd that it died at that moment. I had checked my watch when I left my brother's house at 7pm and again when I crossed over Rt. 234, which was only a couple minutes before I saw the object, so the watch was definitely working, and now it's definitely dead. Nothing else appears to have been affected, just the watch. May not be related at all.

I'm pretty sure our current flight technologies can't replicate what I saw? The sighting was on Rt. 94 heading north past Rt. 234 before it meets up with I-15 north. My initial feeling upon seeing it was curiosity, trying to figure out what could pierce clouds like that. Then when I saw the blinking lights I thought it was just a plane, but then it totally changed direction and shot northward again, and the lights changed, my exact words were "what the Hell is that"? When the light got brighter and it shot off southward I was actually feeling a bit tense, not quite fear, just a bit tense. I had a 90-minute drive to get home and I spent the entire drive trying to come up with explanations, and I can't think of anything at all to explain what I saw. So I classified it as unidentified. When I got home I looked up your web site and filed this report. I hope this helps. I hope I've provided you with enough details. - MUFON

NOTE: This apparently occurred near the direction of Hampton, PA. I have been told by a few local witnesses that there have been a series of UFO sightings around York / Adams County Pa. in the past few weeks, though this is the first actual report I've seen. Lon

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