Monday, December 25, 2017

The US Needs a Freedom Revival


Anonymous said...

"Marijuana legalization is a great example..." "legalization" is bad not good. Legalization itself implies that we are now allowed to do something by permit. "Someday, all victimless crimes will be abolished." The common law had no notion of a "victimless crime". The common law also had no notion of "legalization". Under common law the accused had the right to face their accuser and under common law a court could only be granted jurisdiction if all elements that make up a valid cause of action ( action = court action) were present in the accusation which included allegations of actual injury. If there was no accuser there was no jurisdiction for a court to hear a 'case' because there was no case. If an 'accuser' didn't allege any actual injury there was no accuser hence no cause for court action hence no jurisdiction. The fact that the common law recognized everyone as being innocent until proven guilty, requirement of an accuser alleging actual injury for a court to have jurisdiction to hear a case and the requirement for an agent to have a principal (principal being an accuser with valid cause to a law agent) means that there was no place in law for victimless 'crimes' and no place for anything to be 'legalized' because no matter what you were doing if you didn't have an accuser alleging actual injury then you weren't breaking the law thus no cause for court action.

"Legalization" of any activity is going backwards not forwards because once something is 'legalized' means that criminals claiming to be 'government' can require you to 'contract' with them for a permit on their terms or can even deny you a permit thereby 'legalizing' crony crapitalism by selling permits to their cronies but no one else. "Legalization" of anything is a sham and is going backwards from where mankind once already was under common law. "Legalization" is for the intellectually bankrupt. While poppy, coca, kratom, cannabis, psilocybin, lsd and others are not 'legal' you can bet the cronies in 'law' enforcement are cashing in while they 'legally' kidnap you for doing what they are doing and for what is already lawful under common law. You are sovereign not government, government is servants, uphold that or there is no government and you are simply a slave to criminals.

Lybard said...

You're being too pedantic. legalization, to nearly everyone, means from now on we are free to engage in previously prohibited behavior. By your account the common law would protect us from being charged with crimes without an accuser - except it didn't. Hopefully humanity is coming around to rejection of the notion that it is OK to initiate force to achieve social ends.