Monday, December 18, 2017

Strange Geo - Glyph in NC

Strange geo-glyph discovered near Cheoah River in Graham County, NC

This is something of interest because it informs us that such signatures exist and demand excavation.  this one could easily be a fortified village made originally out of wood, that since has cultivated through to a perfectly flat surface.

As important we now know that we should be looking.  We could have thousands of villages to excavate and it would be good to have a true picture of the historical population density.

Satellite work is slowly building up an effective database and will eventually result in a deep understanding of the living past.


Posted by Richard Thornton | Dec 4, 2017 |4

ERSI satellite imagery of Graham County, NC in the extreme western end of that state, has picked up a inexplicable footprint on the soil. It is located in the flood plain of Yellow Creek near its confluence with the Cheoah River. This geo-glyph is of the scale of those on the Nazca Plain in Peru. It appears to be either the footprint of a triangular European fort or an upside-down bat with the head no longer visible . . . but maybe not. This location was in the Province of Chiaha, where Juan Pardo built a fort. Note the separate rectangular footprint to the north of the wings, plus what appears to be radiating lines pointing to the southeast and southwest. Do you have any ideas about this strange structure, creature or symbol on the landscape, immediately south of the Great Smoky Mountains?

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