Thursday, December 28, 2017

Insurrection Arrested - listen to the silence

Insurrection Arrested - listen to the silence

It has been clear for the past month that something huge is underway.  It is managed by the military and military secrecy applies.  Last Friday, Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency enacting special powers.  My interpretation was that all the preparation work was complete as per the approximately 10,000 sealed indictments and this executive order added certain powers needed for certain cases not covered through normal justice system powers.

That meant that arrests should be underway during the Christmas  long weekend as per those sealed indictments.  Confirmation elements have been trickling in.

1    The most telling so far is that a number of key figures have all gone silent on their twitter accounts.  I will not list them but this would be the central group and it makes sense that they will be already in custody.  

2    The number of  'foot casts'  has also been increasing as well.  Do recall that every sealed indictment involved at least one significant interview that assured the target that the gig was truly up and thus a flight risk.

3     We have also seen an extraordinary number of CEO's resign their positions.  This is always the first step in protecting your business assets from RICO charges and in this case must be considered as such.  This includes George Soros suddenly giving up control of his financial empire as well over a month ago.  That was my first real clue that the game was on.

4     It is possible that a Marine Regiment has been sent to Guantanamo in preparation for the arrival of a large number of new guests. This also means that the promise of waterboarding is on the table for those who are not cooperating. 

5     It has also been stated that George Soros is presently at the Camp David Marine Base.

As anticipated, the Marine Corp is fully engaged in this massive operation acting under the rule of Support to a Civil Authority.  It has been apparent for a long time that so called progressive elements were agitating for an effective fascist takeover of the US government and calling it the New world Order.  The past administration was clearly abetting this operation.  These boys are all Nazi acolytes however else disguised.

What is frustrating of course is that all this is taking place under full secrecy and need to know.  Thus we may all be dreaming in Technicolor, except that this is what i understood as necessary as early as last year not expecting actual execution.  It looks like it will be over before anyone understands the stakes and the nature of our deep enemy or even knows a war is been fought on US soil.  We are just not blowing things up.  It is looking rather surgical and the media is completely cowed at this point and saying nothing.


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