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California Deputy Attorney General Charged With Child Porn

I am not so sure that it is possible to criminalize the simple possession of such material.  We need to avoid taking our disgust with the actual behavior to extremes.  After all, do we arrest the jury empaneled to prosecute such a case for looking at the evidence.  And of course his real crime here is that he was politically prominant.

Understand that all human males have looked at sexually explicit images.  Clearly we are dealing with a real need that is universal and has much to do with our dysfunctional sexuality.  It is my contention that all such images can be safely replaced by anime. and probably should be.  Then the porn film industry as such can be shut down.

Anyway here is this sad story and wonder where this all ends..

California Deputy Attorney General Charged With Child Porn

With the recent early release of convicted pedophile and former US Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, the investigation that became known as Pizzagate has been somewhat pushed back into view.

Despite the ceaseless mainstream agreement to ignore any and all corroborating facts and information that continue to be exposed, when those willing to brave the condemnation of the false majority do even the slightest bit of actual research, they see what is now becoming very apparent to all who are paying attention: That there is a prevalence of pedophilia at the highest levels of power

Whether that prevalence was cultivated, or just a natural occurrence, when one looks at the facts, the history, truly looks, with no preconceived notions, it is next to impossible to ignore, unless one simply will not allow themselves to see it, for a number of reasons.

Even for those who refuse to acknowledge the validity of the investigation, the veracity of the evidence within and the overt nature in which said evidence is covered up, what exactly the investigation pertains to has now become quite well known. 

Which is why it is so very confounding when public officials are exposed as a pedophiles, and entire rings are brought down that include politicians, police officers, priests, teachers, etc., yet these same doubters will maintain that there is no basis for such claims. 

On July 25th, a California Deputy Attorney General was charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography. 

Raymond Joseph Liddy, 53, son of G. Gordon Liddy, prominent figure in the Watergate scandal, was taken into custody at his home in Coronado and was booked into federal jail on charges of possessing images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, according to federal court documents obtained by The Last American Vagabond.

Liddy pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, was released on $100,000 bond and placed on house arrest with GPS monitoring. 

Despite Liddy’s plea of not guilty, a months-long investigation resulted in findings of numerous images depicting minors engaged in sexual acts on his computer — pornographic images of minors as young as 12 — as well as a thumb drive also containing similar content at his home. 

Liddy admitted to investigators that he would talk about “sexual fantasies” with individuals on the internet, and that he often saved sexual images, according to court records. He told investigators he would delete those images afterward, but court records showed he may also have forwarded some.

The investigation began in January when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received an anonymous tip alleging that a user had uploaded child pornography. A month later another similar anonymous tip was sent from a different ISP address claiming that a user had uploaded 10 images depicting child pornography. 

Those tips were forwarded to authorities, who traced the illicit activity to Liddy’s Coronado home. When FBI agents interviewed Liddy, he admitted to using Internet services and user names associated with the images that had been reported by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Raymond Liddy Criminal Complaint by Chris on Scribd 

Liddy is due back in court for a preliminary hearing Aug 8.

It is important to acknowledge that one such occurrence can certainly be an isolated case, or the favorite go-to justification of the “bad-apple,” but if one simply stands back and sees the whole picture, and not the red or blue shaded fabrication, the truth is pretty easy to see. 

More than addressing the recent scandals and accusations, when one chooses to look back in history, the reality of the elite culture that clearly dominates both our perception of the past, and the direction of our future, is painfully clear; all one must do is actually look.

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MrPuzzleBox said...

The problem is that this has gone on for so long and now involves so many high-ranking persons that when one of theirs gets caught the wheels of cover-up spin and the entire case gets quietly dismissed. Any group that helps missing & exploited children (such as Covenant House) will tell you story after story of how abuse cases simply were dismissed without any legal reasons. When the smut leads all the way to the Attorney General is generally difficult to get the AG's office to investigate it.