Friday, February 21, 2014

Lightening Bolts of Zeus and Conscious Intent

We have recently come to understand that consciousness is linked intimately to the mathematica operating our physics and by natural extension our universe.  Put plainly, our empirical logic system includes the five operators we all use and the sixth operator which defines output class.  That allows fuzziness also in the derived output as this empirical logic system operates on a given set.  This is extremely important and completely allows us to tackle directly the physical basis underlying consciousness, the Soul, God, as well the drivers of biological evolution and the emergence of life.  I am extremely excited about this monumental breakthrough.

On a practical basis, it also means that directed consciousness becomes an important tool.  There will be much to learn here and plenty of anecdotal evidence can now be reviewed with proper insight.  We know what we are seeing and can develop the language to work with it.

It is now plausible that an adept can produce by directed consciousness a ball of lightening and from it release a lightning bolt.  This easily conforms to the Zeus of Greek Myth.  Thus we now also understand that Greek mythology was derived from proper reports drawn from an earlier advanced human civilization that achieved full modernity.  This is the real physics of their tool kit.  Amazingly they likely got there based on a far more limited mathematica and Bronze Age metallurgy.

I target that particular window in time because it is culturally supported.  A predecessor civilization was also in place before the Pleistocene nonconformity of 13,000 BP and surely had the same skills and our mathematica as well.   The Atlantean world was informed by this earlier civilization and plausibly overseen by humans with the ancient tools.  What is clear is that we are achieving the same high level civilization and are much better prepared for the responsibility than either the Atlantean world or possibly the civilization of Rama who did apply nuclear weapons rather freely.  We are certainly been guided as much as six billion cats can be guided.

The immediate take home for every person is also profound.  Investigate your intentions and discover how they best fit into our emergent world and direct your consciousness to best advance that evolution.  Adjust choices accordingly and also become a seeker.  This blog has many doors and will keep adding fresh doors as possible.  Go forth.

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