Friday, February 28, 2014

Angry Panther Who Talked To A Human

This is very important.  Just recently I discovered through a friend that he had successfully communicated forehead to forehead with an elephant.  Now we get proof positive that a leopard is able to both communicate needs and query the agent regards others while showing genuine concern.

This fleshes out a completely new dispensation regarding humanity and the larger sentients on this planet.  It informs us that we can expect to provide guidance and expect that guidance to be understood and heeded.

Thus we can plan biome management completely around both large sentient predators and large herbivores as well.  Fences may no longer be necessary as anything other than demarcation as needed.

The Soul Touching Story Of An Angry Panther Who Talked To A Human

It’s true that animals always try communicating with humans but we are often not listening. This journey of a panther who was abused in the past is so inspiring and touching at the same time. The soul energy exists in all humans and animals, and when aligned on the same level is where the magic happens.

This animal whisperer proves to us that she can talk to animals and understand their needs and wants, including finding out about their past very accurately. It’s completely mind blowing that what the panther told the animal whisperer has been confirmed as true by everyone who knows about the panther’s past.

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Factotum said...


this looked promising. It would certainly require a lot of effort to be a fraud. But, being a kind of scientist like you CLAIM to be, I did some looking
so I did a search on Anna Breytenbach skeptic and came across this: which is mostly name calling until you get to the bottom. and the interaction with a man calling himself Neil. Of course, he may be a fraud. But while Creationists and dispensers of Woo often lie, I can say that I have never known a sceptic to lie

I could be wrong, but it seems thea Jurg Olson is in financial trouble which would be a great motive to stage this entire production. I found exactly zero confirmation of Ms. Breytenbach anywhere.

arclein said...

One cannot discount the possibility of a staged production. it also appeared too easy. however, it is only one example and we see other indications with other animals and this does establish the possibility of a testing protocol to be used by sensitive individuals. I at least have direct confirmation from a trusted associate who shared his elephant experience with me.

I also am much more comfortable with an elephant as a subject for optimal results. i was surprised that a big cat communicated so easily as it raised the bar by a lot.

i cannot and will not cross check every given report but i will select over time a body of reports to determine the shape of a testable hypothesis. At least one of those reports need to be above reproach and i personally have that with my associate. Twenty such independent reports from twenty other witnesses and it become possible to make a clear statements about the phenomena.

This particular topic will take a better than average interviewing skill unfortunately and you have certainly seen the problem here.

I am offended that a skeptic who resorts to name-calling is given any credence and the financial attack applies nicely to virtually every witness.