Monday, February 17, 2014

Elephant Group Mind Conjecture

Group Mind Conjecture

This item will be difficult to accept for most but several strands of thought and research have led us there and it thus needs to be stated.

1                    During the Garden of Eden epoch which roughly went from 200,000 BP through 45000 BP mankind had the benefit of mind to mind communication with others at hand and with perhaps a general group mind consciousness as well.  It was not the same as our sophisticated verbal system but allowed images to be shared and warnings to be sent if necessary.  This capability allowed humanity to manage and control interactions with other animals and naturally avoided ever been prey.

2                    The natural corollary of this is that other sentients have the same capacity.  That includes all animals in particular however physically limited as a group mind naturally overcomes the physical.  Because the group mind is just that some information naturally is shared in this manner down through generations as has been demonstrated by experiment.

3                    It follows that when this talent was blocked in mankind, we lost our ability to live safe of carnivore predation and had to adapt to a less congenial lifeway.   Yet there is no reason whatsoever to presume that this talent was ever lost by sentient animals.  This means that this talent remains intact and in use to this day and become subject to skilled investigation.  This is obviously huge and also makes completely clear the famous prophesy that the lion would lay down with the lamb.

So far so good.  I could now open the discussion on observed herd and flock behavior in particular but that is simply puts up a wall of conforming data for science to dispute.  At least we now know that we should be looking.  In fact I can go much further than that.

I spoke recently with a friend and in this case a unique informant.  What he had to tell me is extraordinary and provides us clear direction.  At the moment he is a sample of one and may also have a naturally sensitized mind to begin with.  After his experiences, he ultimately worked on meditation and made significant breakthroughs there to experience the light and perhaps the sound.  You do not need to know what all that means but it suggests that you are becoming sensitized to the inner eye and the pineal gland.  I can say that he was an excellent prospect and had empathy for animals which has led him naturally into vegetarianism.

Thus what I am about to describe is likely best attempted by those already emphatic with the animals to be tested.  I suspect an emotional potential must exist.  They may also need to be vegetarian as well just to be free of the odor.

What occurred happened once and obviously needs to be repeated.  My informant was attending at a wildlife refuge in South Africa.  The important aspect is that it occurred unequivocally once and thus can be repeated.

He was introduced to a teenage elephant that had been brought to the refuge after been orphaned by poachers who had killed the parents.  He was to simply hand a bunch of hay to the elephant, nervously of course, as part of an effort to help the young animal to trust the people in the refuge that would be working with it.

What he did instead on impulse was to step forward up to the elephant and rest his forehead directly on the forehead of the young elephant much as has been observed between two elephants at times.

He formulated in his thoughts that he was so sorry for what had happened to this young elephant.  He empathized with the elephant’s experience.  Astonishingly he got a completely clear mental response from the elephant.  This was in the form ‘we’ which is important and stated ‘we’ understand and understand that most humanity is like you and that it is only a few who cause damage.  It was a direct communication speaking for the apparent group mind.  Then over the next few seconds, images were shared of great beauty of the elephant’s home range until the communion ended.

This was a unique event for my informant though he has had additional encounters with other animals that were at least suggestive.  Of course, had we all communicated directly with an elephant mind to mind, we would then be simply more open to other animals.

What is demonstrated is clear mind to mind communion and real information sharing taking the informant from a sense of personal guilt for others to an understanding that the guilt is with the few.  That was even an unlooked for outcome.

Thus both direct mind to mind communications is experimentally provable but is also likely range dependent.  We have simply lost the range.  A hundred yards would be sufficient to protect us in the company of a pride of lions.  Recovering that range is also likely to be something amenable to scientific research.  This will be an exciting avenue of research and a good number of our members of the animal kingdom should be open to cooperation.  Once a link is established, then it should get much easier.  Elephants and dolphins and whales are certainly at the top of the list as well as horses perhaps.  I think a lot depends on the human range and actual skill.  My point is that those with some hint of skill need to experiment with meditation and head to head communication to see if a response is inspired.

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