Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hitchcock 1945 Holocaust Documentary

This newly produced film shot just after the discovery of Belsen by Alfred Hitchcock no less, fills an important gap in the historical record.  We have all seen the initial shots taken but the actual activities of the rescue and cleanup of this humanitarian disaster remained unreported.  That turns out to be untrue.

This documentary does an excellent job, but it is also understandable that it was never finished in 1945.  That it is finished now closes the historical record with a pretty complete description of the super human clean up that took place then.

The film captures the scale of dying that was simply ongoing when the allies arrived.  I do not meant that the people involved still hung around so much as that thousands were dead and unremoved in the huge barracks, Typhus ran rampant all through the camp because of lice, and chronic starvation was weakening the rest.  This was very much a dying place rather than a killing place.

The victims were shoved into this hell until they died from starvation and disease, upon which they were immediately replaced by fresh victims.



In 1945 renown movie director, Alfred Hitchcock was asked to produce a film that would document the horrors of the Holocaust. That movie proved so potent, so damning that the allies suppressed the film’s release.
According to the Independent, Hitchcock’s documentary on the Holocaust was mothballed to the Imperial War Museum, much like the fictional Ark of the Covenant was at the conclusion of Steven Spielberg’s, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Upon discovering Hitchcock’s video record of the worst genocide in human history in a number of rusty video cans in the 1980′s, the Imperial War Museum painstakingly restored the film which has now finally been released for all to see.
_**Warning: This film includes footage and descriptions of the Holocaust that may prove very distressing for some.**_

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