Monday, February 3, 2014

Bonaverde Turns Green Beans Into a Pot of Coffee

This is particularly welcome.  I do not think that the skin can be removed, but it is not done anyway commercial.  That just happens to be one innovation too many and will produce a seriously better product.

What is here deliverable is a device able to correctly roast a few beans, immediately grind them and then produce a pot of fresh coffee.  This obviously allows direct bean sales farm to consumer.    This will be a revolution in the economics of coffee farming.

It also means a broad expansion in quality choices and local branding as well as seriously cheaper options for consumers who are quite happy to pay for full service at a coffee shop but also want access to quality coffee at home which is a problem simply because of aging of an opened pound of coffee.

Bonaverde - empower farmers around the world to trade their coffee directly

Help build the infrastructure and trust needed to move forward with the coffee revolution: Better prices for farmers and fresher coffee for consumers!

Empower farmers around the world to directly trade coffee

Help provide the highly needed infrastructure, funds and a technology that bridges the gap between farmer and consumer - so farmers get more for their beans while consumers can finally enjoy a truly fair and fresher than ever coffee. 

Help build the highly needed infrastructure and trust to move forward with the coffee revolution: a movement to make coffee farmers get more for their work and consumers enjoy a coffee that’s truly fair and fresher than ever before.

The problem.

Currently, there are up to 17 steps between the farmer and the consumer while farmers usually profit least: they only get around 1% of the final retail price - 5-6 dollar cent per kilo, a kilo that later is sold for 5-6€. Do they have an option? Roasting the beans themselves isn't one as e.g. the EU charges too high taxes when importing roasted beans.

But what if we were able to shift the roasting process to the consumer? Farmers could import raw beans and still get by far better prices, and you would get the freshest coffee ever tasted.
Our vision.

There IS a way to bring the roasting process into everyone’s home! Thanks to the world’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine that we developed 2 years ago. After building 135 prototypes and having more than 15,000 people taste our coffee, we got more and more encouraging feedback and decided to turn to the crowd to fund our machine.

Over the past month, we ran a Kickstarter campaign that exceeded our wildest expectations: We are finally able to produce our machine on our own!

But that was only the first step.

The next chapter.

So far, 7 farmers signed up to become part of our movement. That is great - but we want to make it possible for hundreds and thousands of them!

With this project, we’re trying to achieve that - we want to further build this community to not only reach more farmers and help enhance their infrastructure, but also and especially build their trust: We want to show them how many people believe in the idea already so they have the courage to join in - to pass on multi-years contracts with big brands and instead gain self-dependence.

We’ve created smaller packages so everyone could chip in their part. The focus remains on the farmers - you can still get the machine here, but we will not enhance it further (as we did on Kickstarter) or go into too much detail about it.

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