Saturday, January 7, 2023

SOUL Value

This was transcribed  from the other side in response to queries from ***** who is contemplating becoming a monk.  He is a friend of my source who received this.

It is also a serious revelation and profound clarification.  Way too much has been directed to karma and meditation and prayer, all of which are part of producing your soul value.  What is key is your soul value which your actions beneficiates.  What is interesting is that a spiritual leader can lift his followers soul value through lifting their karma.

Our purpose on earth is the enhancement of our soul value and this allows all sorts of method.  My sharing this knowledge and your sharing this knowledge allows both of us to also enhance our own soul value as others also benefit. It stops been simply a path of personal success and failure.  We can all rise together.

Transcribed on November 21, 2022.  Transmitted December 12 to *****

***** isn't leaving. He will debate for a long while and will never leave in the long run. It will take him some time to get there and that's his process.

Let him be for another two to three weeks and he will get there fully. You cannot disturb his process. And that's a good thing. He needs to be deep in thought, wrestling with his life path forward.

He loves his life and is eager to create beautiful things in the world. And he will... ultimately.

That's his path. Nothing for you to do. And he will meditate and choose his current path.

Everything is the RIGHT choice. Choice is not arbitrary. It is calculated and is the highest path for good. How good happens is calculated based on soul value. Soul value adds up quick.

-How many souls can you impact and lead to

-how can you get your highest soul value with what you put out there in karma.

- Lifting people up and out of their karmic deficit adds to your soul value.

- Focused intention is key to everything you do in life.

- Life is sending you different opportunities to live your soul purpose.

You are already given many gifts when you come to earth and are designed to see things in a certain way. These sights are gifted in their own way and Blind too. Blindness is where the real gifts lie. When you can feel instead of see, you can find anything/everything you desire and fill up on. It gives you fulfillment and peace within. The blindness is eternal and yet can lead and uncover bigger purpose and light to awaken within you.

Knowing blindness exists can ensure unlimited success for you and those around you. Be in the blindness.

Discovery and curiosity is key to everything you do in that it's a deeper/deepest meditation you can engage in for life. It will enlighten you to your next level and then some. Elation and peace are found in discovery and constant unhindered love.

You can share this with him easily. Not now but three weeks December 12

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