Saturday, January 28, 2023

Intuition Training


Intuition Training

Sometime inspiration falls from the sky.  Or maybe not.  As I have posted in the past, my daughter is attuned to the other side.  Perhaps it is time to rigorously describe our language.

Spirit - The spirit body is a networked asemblage of processor like elements based on at least Dark Matter and possible photon assemblages.  Our empirical problem is that actual scale is so small that it is impossible to properly image any part of the components.  Understand that every single cell has its own individual spirit processor that operates it all.  Each cell is as complicated as traffic management in a large city in three dimensions.

Heaven - is the community of spirit bodies that have left their 3D bodies and now support 3D life as well as communing with each other.  All this is physically real and actually based right here on Earth.  The physicality is however not our 3d which we are so familiar with.

Spirit Guides - Spirits are tasked with providing information and guidence to us and we identify it as our sub conscious.  Obviously it is more than that and we have to use our cognitive ability to try and integrate any such suggestions.  At the same time, the informant spirit may well not have it right.  You must use your cognition to sort it all out.  so smart still matters.

I once got three solid suggestions regarding a difficult problen in analysis and thirty minutes each of calculation disproved all three.  So not so fast folks.

What you need to understand is that we are seriously integrated with the spirits of our ancestors and their suggestions show up as intuition.  Our problem is correctly reading our intuition and using it properly.  My daughter has suddenly discovered that this really takes training and she has already worked indirectly and directly with several freinds and clients to her evolving practise dealing with grief and also pregnancy loss.

The first thing she discovered using a modified Rhine protocol, is that it is common for us to flip our understanding of our intuition to produce serious confusion and even a diagnosis of mental illness.

What she did is lay down twenty a/b letter choices and have the client predict the letter.  Random would produce fifty percent.  In her first two clients, their choice was wrong ninety percent of the time.  That is highly unlikly and is a strong indication what is happening.  Additional training made this disappear and both clients reached a superior state of mind.  WOW.

What this told us is that reading your own intuition needs to be trained for most folks and we really need to see where this can go.  what i just showed you can be shown to elemantary school children along with simply watching your thoughts as well  while been mentally separate.  this is as important as learning the practise of meditation to reach the theta zone.



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