Tuesday, January 31, 2023

How Bamboo Towers in Africa Produce Free Water

Saw the proof of concept around ten years ago.  Development is obviously fully underway.

This will also last for years and likely resist wind as well..  Or it can even be simply tipped over in the event and tied down.

It is actually cheap as a capital investment and it poroduces up to 100 liters of water.  That is sufficient to support a large healthy tree.  Obviously though we build enough to provide ample household water first.  Then you go out and create a high value orchard and bring in water towers as the trees grow.

such an orchard, properly spaced will also allow full cropping and ground cover for fodder.  Shade and full humidity can keep the soils moist..

How Bamboo Towers in Africa Produce Free Water

01-27-2023 • https://www.youtube.com, Innovative Techs

This is the south of Ethiopia, the village of the Dorze people. And this is Warka Water Tower. This is not a ritual building, although in its significance it could become one. Because it is a tower that gives the village endless, clean water and, most importantly, is absolutely free. It's not a matter of mere convenience. In villages like this (actually, there are millions of such settlements in Africa), girls and women fetch water. And on average, it takes an unimaginable 6 hours a day. Therefore, Warka Water Tower is a real savior. How does this tower work and how does it change people's lives for the better? You will learn about everything in this video!


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