Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Justin Trudeau’s hunting rifle ban is only meant to sow division

This is a political mesaage of course but it is also saying something. Violence is a choice and if you are unable to control that choice by even walking away then we do need to shut you off from common society.  Mixing any form of violence with ordinary criminality is a bad idea.

Violence can be identified and in fact sequestered.  Just do not pretemd it is based on rational choice and make such a person prove he has his behavior under rational control before allowed out again.  my point here is that all this allows us to go somewhere that takes bad actors out of our midst.

all that informs all and temper control can become standard.  No more uncivilized bahavior about.

 It’s clear that Justin Trudeau’s hunting rifle ban is only meant to sow division among Canadians.

With violent crime up 32% and gang related homicides up 92% since 2015, it’s time to reverse Justin Trudeau’s catch-and-release policies and get tough on violent repeat offenders.

Every single province agrees.

Canadians see through the divisive politics of the Trudeau Liberals. In response, they’re choosing to unite for freedom.

It is because of you and our grassroots supporters standing up and making your voices heard, that Canadians in every corner of the country are rejecting the approach of the Trudeau Liberals.

We must keep pushing forward.

Rather than target law-abiding sport shooters, hunters, and farmers, Conservatives will re-instate minimum mandatory sentences for serious gun crimes and stop illegal weapons from being smuggled over our border.

We will reverse easy-access bail laws that let violent repeat offenders back on our streets.

We will restore common sense policies that keep our communities safe, get illegal weapons out of our country, and keep violent repeat offenders behind bars.

By winning the next election, we can make this a reality.

Join us in rejecting the Liberals’ soft-on-crime approach.

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