Tuesday, January 17, 2023

First Writing System In Human History

All of a sudden these animal images make real sense.  It is really helpful to track prey species behavior on an annual basis.  Just when are the herds expected to pass through?  The hunters really need to know and to be able be there for them

He may not have the correct reading, but we have certainly understood a central purpose for this art.  What was it that they needed to remember?  was it actually a birthing pattern?  Where these bands following the herds to even pick up on all this?  How many caves did we use?

My point is that we now uderstand a likely motive and this expands our investigation. And yes, this is writing because it informs..

An Amateur Archaeologist Just Uncovered What Might Be The First Writing System In Human History

Henri Breuli


Researchers uncovered a system of dots and Y-shaped marks which they believe were used to track the mating and birthing seasons of animals that served as important sources of food for hunter-gatherers in Stone Age Europe.

For decades, experts have believed that the first writing systems in human history were the pictographic and cuneiform languages that emerged in Sumer in approximately 3,400 B.C.E. But now, researchers say that the invention of written language may have actually taken place 14,000 years earlier than we thought — and it’s all thanks to an amateur sleuth who was simply browsing through images online.

London-based furniture restorer Ben Bacon was looking at images of cave drawings from Stone Age Europe when he realized that renderings of animals were often accompanied by a series of dots and lines. Soon, Bacon convinced the experts that these markings were actually a sophisticated form of writing used to track the mating and birthing cycles of the goats, horses, rhinos, and more that were hunted for food at the time.

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