Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Self–propelled Chainsaw | Turning Logs into Perfect Boards

This is actualy important simply because you can set up where the tree has been fallen and it produces a mill grade quality cut.  However, using a chainsaw to produce boards is naturally wasteful unless you have little choice.

What this does do wonderfully is allow you to produce a clean cant which can then be extracted to a sawmill for finishing.  You automatically leave the slash behind right were the tree was dropped.

That saves a lot of handling and haulage costs as you are not hauling the slash to the mill and then for disposal.  And from the sounds of it, this can be rigged quickly in the woods and expected to run by itself while you are prepping additional logs or even operating the chipper.  You will have equipment on hand anyway and even a horse logger will love this.

I want to say that hauling a log out of the woods causes a lot of damage to the forest floor as anyone who has gone in after can tell you.  pulling cants out is much better..

Self–propelled Chainsaw | Turning Logs into Perfect Boards


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