Friday, January 13, 2023

A Revolution in Brazil Would Shake the World

Oh boy, and stage right we have this.  The fight is on to show massive machine based voter fraud.  This will impact all elections depending on those machines.  Do you see a global voter fraud conspiracy shaping up?

This must blow back everywhere including thge USA where exactly this problem is emerging.

MSM blackout continues.  This is a NWO scheme.

*** A Revolution in Brazil Would Shake the World ***

New York Times

JAN 9, 2023

Brazil is heating up -- and the NY Slimes is worried.

An engineered "revolution" is brewing in Brazil; and it is every bit as "spontaneous" as any of the CIA-Soros-NGO "Color Revolutions" of years and decades gone by. Remember Mike's constant Rule of Revolution: There has never been, and there can never be, a successful mass uprising of "the people" without some higher unseen power organizing, guiding and financing it.

Even Hitler's movement -- which was as close to "grassroots" as you'll ever find in history -- still had to rely upon the support of wealthy German businessmen and respected military figures in order to finally succeed. You know, the so-called "Military-Industrial Complex" that the evil Globalist President Dwight Eisenhower "warned" us about.

The good news to report about the "people's" uprising down in Brazil is that the Whites Hats of that nation -- in collaboration with the White Hats of America -- are, in our estimation, completely controlling the situation. Whilst ex-military man Jair Bolsanaro "hides out" in Florida urging calm and pretending to not be involved ("optics" -- just like Trump) the controlled crowds continue to plead for the sympathetic Brazilian military to intervene and undo the fraudulent election of October. The further removed that Bolsonaro seems, the better.

Note the disgusting (and very familiar) spin of the Slimes article:

"Thousands of supporters of Brazil’s ousted former president, Jair Bolsonaro, stormed Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court and presidential offices on Sunday to protest what they falsely claim was a stolen election, the violent culmination of years of conspiracy theories advanced by Mr. Bolsonaro and his right-wing allies." (emphasis added)

Sulzberger's seditious scribblers have nothing left in their playbook but the same tired old cliches.

* Editor's Note: It is not clear if the storming of government offices was the work of White Hats or communist false flaggers a la January 6th.

As "spontaneous" Brazilian crowds protest the voting machine fraud, the "hands off" Bolsonaro wisely stays away -- supposedly in Florida.

The illegal President Lula ..... or might that be "Lula"

The situation in Brazil holds enormous implications for the United States and indeed, the entire "free world ™." Sooner or later, this nefarious business about the rigged voting machines has got to be exposed. Should the Brazilian military intervene and forensically prove that this type of unimaginable and shocking fraud does exist -- taking place in such a huge developed country, no less -- then it would automatically call into question years of election results in every nation that uses such machines. The entire international political structure of "the international community" ™ would be shaken to its core. That's why this "insurrection" ™ currently unfolding in Brazil is now drawing such heavy fire from "the paper of record."

We make no exact predictions about where this is headed and when. But it is apparent that it is indeed headed somewhere. Why else would the White Hats have kept it going --- with increasing intensity now -- for three months? Another positive indicator comes to us from a Slimes pre-election story dated September 28, 2022. The "prophetic" headline, sub-headline and opening paragraph below:

Clearly, even before the October election, the flagship newspaper of the Deep State / Fake News / Judenpresse Armada already feared that Bolsonaro and his military associates were plotting a "coup" in response to rigged voting machines. Now, after three months of "spontaneous" protests that show no signs of stopping -- protests which Bolsanaro has wisely distanced himself from ("optics") -- the usual suspects are really afraid. It's not so much the prospect of Bolsonaro's reinstatement that has so rattled them -- but rather, it is the possible forensic exposure of voting machine fraud and -- more specifically -- their own role in the treasonous covering up of "conspiracy theories" ™ about rigged elections for so many years. Journalists too are part of the organized election stealing.

Stay tuned.

* Editor's Note: Breaking News: The script-writers have just placed Bolsonaro in a Florida hospital with "severe abdominal pain." This movie is getting good.

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