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What did Adolf Hitler do for fun?

What we are told about Hitler is a caricature.  Odds are his screaming performances were deliberate theatre.  Why not?  We can all do that if it serves an end.

He obviously enjoyed his reading and this informed his thinking.  He certainly picked up on past MEMES and worked them into policy.

Nothing supports forward thinking at all.  Yet i say as much about most leaders.  This is an uncommon trait.  Somewhere in there we still have a real human being who really believed that peoples needed to be moved out.  He had followers who made it happen and like as not kept him away from nasty details.

What did Adolf Hitler do for fun?

Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty, Senior Controller at NATO
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Jonathan Witt, BA (Hons) Biology & History, Binghamton University (1984)

Here are some things.

Sex. Hitler was a pretty horny bugger and when Eva was around, his doctor (Morell) administered him with testosterone injection to increase his libido. They did it often outdoors (weather permitting), so there are some pretty juice eyewitness accounts from his bodyguards.

Eating sweet pastries and cake. Hitler had a sweet tooth and would eat large amounts of these pastries and cakes throughout the day … he also had very bad teeth.

Reading. Hitler had a rather extensive library, most of it was captured by the Allies in 1945. History, architecture, and the novels of Karl May were his favourite topics.

Watching films. The ardent film-lover, he could enjoy several films an evening and had a film theatre set up for him at his retreat in Berchtesgaden (Berghof). He liked romantic films and musicals

Music. Hitler loved classical music and had a large collection. He preferred light operettas or the operas of Wagner, but anything classical would do. Sometimes he listed to military marches.

Walking. When at all possible, Hitler would make long walks … usually with some sweet cakes and pastries at the end.

Training and playing with his dogs (and those of Eva). Hitler was an animal lover and dogs were his favourite, although he also had a pet squirrel in Berlin (Spitzy).

Collecting cartoons of himself. Hitler loved the cartoons that were drawn of him and collected them avidly. He even had some of them published in a book so other people could enjoy them as well.

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