Friday, December 17, 2021

A World With Cheap Aging Damage Reversal

Life extension is becoming a thing and plenty of advice abounds.  Start with 8000 mgs of vitimine C and 5000 mg vitimin D every day.  That will take you forward into your eighties and let you look at the century mark.  

Then survive tghe next thirty years and you should be good.  Even the Baby Boomers have a shot at this particular lottery.  By then we all should expect a couple more centuries.  However no one will be selling life insurance much anymore.  

Expect to familiarize your self with animal husbandry.  The land needs all that and robots really cannot do it properly nor should we even try.

We all will walk the land and a few of us will be scholars and we will ultimately need well over 100,000,000,000 boots on the land.

A World With Cheap Aging Damage Reversal

December 12, 2021 by Brian Wang

What would a world with cheap aging damage reversal look like? This could happen with biotech or gene therapy injections that repair aging damage.

Oisin Biotechnologies has been developing a highly precise, patent-pending, DNA-targeted intervention to clear these cells. There is also work by Rejuvenate Bio to create injectable combination gene therapy that could reverse aging damage in adults.

This could eventually make aging damage repair treatment like a periodic injection. If there are many companies each with their own injectable aging damage repair treatment then it will be like COVID vaccinations where there are many treatment options.

Currently, there are about 130 million births per year and about 60 million deaths per year. About 60% of the deaths are from old age-related conditions. About 18 million deaths (30%) per year are from diseases and conditions related to global poverty. About 2-3 million deaths are related to various kinds of accidents. About 1 million deaths are due to violence (war, murder etc…) but this figure can vary a great deal based upon the amount of war. There are a few million non-age and non-poverty related disease deaths.

If we had the successful and cheap antiaging treatment on a globally deployed basis then in 5-10 years from development it could be possible to reduce global deaths by 60%. Poverty, accident and violence and some disease deaths would still exist. 18 million deaths from global poverty would not impact the developed world. By 2050, most of asia, americas and Europe appear on track to eliminate most global poverty problems.

Let us say by 2080, old age damage and poverty are 98% solved. This would mean about 2 million deaths per year. 1 million from violence and 1 million from the imperfect treatment of disease and aging. 10 billion people would still see an attrition rate of 2 million per year. Half of those 10 billion would be dead in 250 years. Half would live longer than 250 years.

Most people would be “forever youthful” until they came to violent end or a more extreme accident.

Molecular nanotechnology with nanobot or other forms of cellular repair could improve aging damage repair and the aggressive repair of damage from violence. However, murderers and armies would also have molecular nanotechnology or anti-molecular nanotechnology weapons. It would be trivial with someone with future weapons to kill a future person. However, random disease should be defeated.

It is tough to push beyond 500-1000 year lifespans for humanity even with very strong antiaging technology in our current biological forms. Individually or in smaller groups, people leverage damage repair combined with risk avoidance to live longer lives. Also, there would be the development of uploading and artificial bodies.

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