Wednesday, December 22, 2021

NYU Professor: Trans Activism Is Part of Larger Effort to Bring About a 'Communist Revolution'

Of course it is, but then I never was fooled for a second.  The day is coming for the Communist Running Dogs to be rounded up, banded and turned over as agricultural day laborers.  All good communists will appreciate the irony.

The secret WAR rages on and we are winning.  We just need to be scared more.

It is so hard to believe that, but Mil Intel and Trump understood from the beginning what would be attempted.  I merely saw the tracks in time over the decades.

Have faith. We will soon be constructing HEAVEN on EARTH and the RULE of TWELVE.  We will soon all learn how to LOVE.


NYU Professor: Trans Activism Is Part of Larger Effort to Bring About a 'Communist Revolution'

The Epoch Times reports that two teachers at a California school coached a 12-year-old into a trans identity behind her parents back. The school also legally changed her name and pronouns without informing the parents.

The teachers had coaxed the student to join an "equality club" which was really a disguise for a so-called Gay-Straight Alliance club ("GSA").

These teachers had been recorded at an event in November bragging about how they disguise the name of the LGBT club so they can indoctrinate kids without any obstacles.

The school reportedly called the parents in for a meeting where they informed them that their daughter is trans. The teacher then proceeded to call Child Protective Services on them when they didn’t use the "correct" name and pronouns.

These teachers unions must be abolished, and these teachers must be fired and sued into bankruptcy

I’ve been saying for some time that the weaponization of gender dysphoria is part of the war on the West and now, a trans NYU professor named Kay Gabriel just crystallized this in a Zoom call, when she explained how true trans activism is part of a larger effort to bring about a "Communist Revolution".

As Professor Gabriel says here, "The dominant, Liberal, Bourgeois reframing of Trans Liberation as 'Trans Rights' and 'Trans Recognition' is based on that of Gay Liberation, transformed into rights and recognition," which Gabriel says is "insufficient and it's not going to get us what we want or what we need."

She calls for an "economic transformation" into a "Communist horizon," which she describes as a world in which "everyone has what they need," which she says, "would be achieved in time through processes or events that we would have to call revolutionary, because it requires the abolition of society as it currently is. When we demand that society be re-arranged in certain ways, this is a part of the [Communist] project!”

I didn’t know what Communist Horizon meant, so I looked it up and it’s part of a book series called "Pocket Communism" by Jodi Dean, in which she "unshackles the Communist ideal from the failures of the Soviet Union…[offering] nothing less than a manifesto for a new collective politics."

When Disney collides with Communist unicorns and participation trophies, everybody gets to be Cinderella.

America has been fully invaded. Earlier this week, Senator Richard "Stolen Valor" Blumenthal (D-CT) left no doubt that the Democrat Party has fully embraced Communism when he was on Yale University's campus to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA, to offer his congratulations and to present the award-winners with certificates of special recognition from the United States Senate, saying, "I am really excited and honored to be with you today and share in this remarkable occasion."

As Tore Maras reminded us a couple of days ago on her podcast, the Communist Party is illegal in the United States, according to 50 US Code §842, the Communist Control Act, which was passed in 1954 under President Dwight Eisenhower.

As he signed it, Eisenhower announced:

The American people are determined to protect themselves and their institutions against any organization in their midst which, purporting to be a political party within the normally accepted meaning, is actually a conspiracy dedicated to the violent overthrow of our entire form of government. The American people, likewise, are determined to accomplish this in strict conformity with the requirements of justice, fair play and the Constitution of the United States. They realize that employment of any other means would react unfavorably against the innocent as well as the guilty, and, in the long run, would distort and damage the judicial procedures of our country. The whole series of bills that the Administration has sponsored in this field have been designed in just this spirit and with just these purposes.

Let's enforce this law.

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