Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Cryptid Canine 'Dissolves' Into Puff of Smoke in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK

We have now seen plenty of reports in which hte Giant Sloth is able to disappear or change into something else.

This is the first instance in which a real physical creature disappears before the witness and is properly seen. Better yet the thgen disappeared creature shakes a nearby tree in order to run the witness off.

My point here is that physicality is seen, proven and then demonstrated as a disappeared creature.  all this conforms to our present expectations.

The puff of smoke is new and interesting and likely represents heat exchange creating a blast of fog.

Cryptid Canine 'Dissolves' Into Puff of Smoke in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK

Thursday, December 23, 2021

A witness in Newton Abbot, Devonshire, UK encountered a large unknown canine while walking one winter's morning to work. The beast eventually 'dissolved' into a puff of smoke.

The following account was recently referred to me by researcher Kenneth Pfeifer:

"I was walking down the road one dark cloudy morning on my way to work, when I just happened to turn and look around behind me. On the other side of the road I saw a huge strange looking dog. It was completely devoid of hair and was unlike any other breed that I had ever seen before. Luckily it hadn't noticed my presence, as I was standing on the other side of the street halfway down the road. I quickly walked off at speed, as I really didn't fancy being a cheCrytpd Caninew toy for this unusually large looking canine.

I found it rather odd that the dog was just roaming around the neighbourhood all alone like that, especially at this time in the morning. When I got further down the road I looked back to make sure that it wasn't following me, and I breathed a real sigh of relief as there was no sign of it, so I continued on walking.

As I rounded the corner, to Jetty Marsh Road, I was completely shocked to see the same dog a bit further on down the road straight ahead of me, and I immediately stopped dead in my tracks. I was really confused of how this unusual looking canine had managed to get ahead of me like that. The dog turned its head and looked right at me, and I could now see that it had glowing red eyes. It then menacingly growled, and I thought, "Oh sh*t." I was really terrified by the sight of this rabid-looking beast, and I slowly began to back up while keeping my eyes completely transfixed upon it.

Suddenly, the dog began to slowly dissolve, before it just turned into a large puff of smoke. I stood there with my mouth a gasped. What on Earth had I just witnessed? I was left scratching my head trying to understand what I had just seen. I then cautiously carried on walking toward the area where it had been present only moments before. When I hesitantly got up to the exact spot, I saw clawed paw prints in the dirt, which gave me an icy cold shiver which ran directly down my spine.

My attention was then immediately drawn towards a small tree that had begun to shake violently back and forth, as though something invisible was shaking it with real force in order to try and scare me away from the area. Well, needless to say, it had succeeded in doing so. I instantly ran off down the road as fast as I could, and I just kept on running until I had safely reached my place of work all the way out at Kingstation. I don't normally scare that easy, but this particular morning was pretty terrifying. I stopped walking into work for a while after this, and I would instead only take a taxi or get a lift into work.

Years on after this event, I'm still not entirely sure what exactly I witnessed that strange morning, but I know one thing for sure, I never want to experience anything quite like that ever again. This strange event took place one cold winters morning at Newton Abbot, Devonshire, England." J

The witness provided an image that is similar to the cryptid canine that he witnessed.

NOTE: I've received a decent number of cryptid incidents from Newton Abbot, Devon over the past years, including a winged humanoid encounter. Lon

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