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Canada a 22nd Century Superpower By Being a Great Place to Live

I am not so optimistic as all that as it is no trick at all for the USA to clean up it act and settle it management problems which is all they are.  Do that and the border becomes meaningless.

On the other hand, if Canada sets out to end poverty inclusive of the Great Lakes Watershed. then it is possible to attract immigrants whose children are trained to be loyal Canadians.  Do not underestimate that capability.  This would also be shared on the south side with the USA.

Usibng that as an economic engine, i could build Canada's population out to over two billion.  That includes fully populating the boreal forest with animal husbandry and denisfying the great plains and lifting its agricultural productivity from under $1,000 per acre to at least twice that..

Canada a 22nd Century Superpower By Being a Great Place to Live

December 25, 2021 by Brian Wang

Canada has an 88-page immigration focused plan that would increase Canada’s population to the level of the USA in about 150 years. By 2171, Canada would use good schools, good universities and comfortable quality of life, solid economy to continue attracting high quality immigration to reach a population of about 300 million.

This would be having immigration at the rate of 1.25% of the total population each year. This would be a national plan to move well beyond the annual immigration levels of Germany and reach US levels of total immigration around 2080-2120. The US has about 1.0-1.2 million immigrants each year. The has about 0.3% of its population for annual immigration. In 2100, Canada would be welcoming 1.25 million immigrants and have a population of 100 million.

Canada has already been attracting new immigrants at the rate of about 0.8% to 1.1% of its total population every year for the past 30 years. Canada has generally been attracting the second most annual migrants after the USA over the last five years.

Canada would use the power of being a great place to live with great schools and good jobs to become one of the largest world economies of the 22nd century.

Canada would use being nice and welcoming to be a place where more people will continue to want to live.

If this works, it would be the power of nice, comfortable and friendly to win global economic competition.

Socialized medicine and other nice things about Canada would be part of the winning formula.

SOURCES – Century Initiative

Written by Brian Wang,

Canada’s Population Will Be Over 39 Million in 2022

December 25, 2021 by Brian Wang

Canada’s realtime population estimate for Dec 25, 2021 is 38.56 million. Canada’s population increases about 2000 people per day.

Ontario is passing 15 million people.
Quebec is at 8.65 million.
BC is at 5.3 million.
Alberta is at 4.5 million.

This compares to the USA at 332 million people.
California is just short of 40 million. Texas could reach 30 million in 2022.
Florida could reach 22 million in 2022.

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