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Roy Cohn

Understand that Donald Trump was thouroughly briefed on Communist practise and intent decades ago.  Alternately he read a lot of history books and original sources case I did.  He is literally the last person to have a soft spot for the REDS and Rioy Cohn was his mentor and spent a lot of time with him.

That is why he is positioned to resist the present CCP effort to seize control of the whole world.  He knows what they are doing.  So do I.  If your mind cannot handle that idea, so be it.  You will be saved if possible as well.

I picked up on this a long time ago. trust that Trump completely debriefed Roy.  When you debrief a master, you become that master.

Of course the faux REDS hate this man because they know that he will not be talked out of squeezing the trigger.

Remember McCarthy was not wrong in that his net did unravel direct Russian spying inside the USA government.  Not good folks.  The enemy has spent decades to defame him as they try with Trump.  After all they have a plan to impliment and it is against you.

NY Times: Inside the F.B.I. File of Trump’s Mentor, Roy Cohn

DECEMBER 16, 2021

The thick file is a timely reminder of the unusual realm that Trump's feared mentor inhabited.

NY Times: Inside the F.B.I. File of Trump’s Mentor, Roy Cohn

The thick file is a timely reminder of the unusual realm that Trump's feared mentor inhabited.

DECEMBER 16, 2021

Roy Cohn -- the young right-hand man of the late great St. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin -- has been dead for 35 years now. Nonetheless, Roy Cohn articles and books (all of them negative) continue to be pumped out out in the Judenpresse. In addition to this particular Slimes' slander, here are just a few headlines of recent times:

NY Daily News: Blame Lawyer Roy Cohn for Donald Trump’s Nasty Political Tactics, Documentary Says

Politico: The Final Lesson Donald Trump Never Learned From Roy Cohn
Raw Story: ‘Echoes of Roy Cohn’: Trump is Turning Into His Former Mentor
The Forward: How Roy Cohn's Shame Made Him and Trump Shameless

Why did (((they))) --- in the Trump Era -- turn on the propaganda geyser against a resurrected Cohn, just to stomp on his remains all over again, you ask? Well, you see, Cohn, although both a Jew and a closet homosexual, was a talented brass-knuckled fighting lawyer who used his legal combativeness to fight Communists (among others). And long after McCarthy was dead and gone, Cohn -- who could have ingratiated himself back into polite New York Society simply by saying that he had made a youthful mistake -- never once apologized for working with the heroic Senator -- defending him until the time of his own death (of AIDS) in 1986.

An attack on Cohn is an attack on McCarthy; but more significantly, it's an attack, by direct association, on the man who Cohn "mentored" back in the 1970's / 80's -- another anti-Establishmentarian hated by the Marxists / Globalists -- a younger Donald Trump.

1. On serving McCarthy -- Cohn: "I went to work for Joe McCarthy in January 1953 and was gone by the fall of ’54. Does anybody doubt that is how my obituary will open? -- which is exactly how I want it to read.” /// 2 & 3. He later served Trump.

WMTW // 2019
Newsweek / 2020
New York Post / 2021

Not since the Deep State's destruction (and murder) of the late great Joe McCarthy has any public figure of such stature dared to utter "the C word" to properly label his Demonrat enemies.

The article sums up Cohn's work for McCarthy and Trump:

"Cohn had made his name prosecuting Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for espionage — and pressing for their execution — and acting as Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Communist-hunting right hand in the 1950s.

(Trump and Cohn) first joined forces when Trump was a young real estate developer being sued by the Justice Department, with his father, for refusing to rent apartments to black tenants. Mr. Cohn urged against settling the case, as Mr. Trump was considering.

'Tell them to go to hell and fight the thing in court,’ Mr. Trump later recalled Mr. Cohn telling him. The Trumps ultimately did settle, but not before filing a $100 million countersuit against the government. It was the start of a relationship during which Mr. Cohn helped Mr. Trump close signature construction deals, sued the National Football League for conspiring against his client and prepared an onerous prenuptial agreement for Mr. Trump’s first wife."

Given how close Cohn and Trump were, we suspect that the "mentor" schooled the student very well as to the truth about "McCarthyism ™." And now, the same dark "Deep State" forces and the same sinister tactics which killed the McCarthy hearings (and ultimately, the man himself) are being utilized for the purpose of bringing down Trump.

1. Commie Jews of New York take to the streets to protest the electrocution death sentence handed out to the Rosenbergs. // 2. Cohn remained proud of his role in frying the Communist Rosenbergs in the electric chair --- and the Left hasn't forgotten. // 3. The title of Sony Pictures recent film, "Where's my Roy Cohn?" is a quote from Donald Trump. Cohn's resurrection is an attempt to smear Trump. Film-maker Matt Tyrnauer: “Roy Cohn is the creator of Donald Trump."

"Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roy Cohn," directed by the Rosenberg’s granddaughter, Ivy Meeropol (Image 2), premiered at the New York Film Festival this past Sunday. It will run on HBO in Election Year 2020.

Quote: "The word “evil” gets thrown around a lot in reference to Roy Cohn, the notoriously rapacious lawyer and “fixer” whose client list included Joseph McCarthy, several mafia bosses and New York elites like George Steinbrenner and Donald Trump."

Perhaps the greatest honor paid to Roy Cohn is an attack which appeared in the Jewish "Forward" (a leftist publication that dates back to its openly Marxist and Yiddish language days of 1897). A snippet from the aforementioned Forward piece, vomited out by P J Grisar (cough cough):

"Roy Cohn -- a fixer, a liar, a self-loathing Jew and viciously homophobic homosexual, he seized on the Big Lie advanced by Adolf Hitler to advocate for his clients, smear his opponents and shield himself from a mountain of indictments. His first case to gain national attention sent Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to their deaths. Towards the end of his life, he was the consigliere of Donald Trump, pushing the young real estate scion to countersue the government in a housing discrimination case.

A physical and moral grotesque, called, in an extensive 1978 Esquire profile by Ken Auletta, “the personification of evil,” he relished his reputation as a prince of darkness."

Well, Cohn may have, in private, played for the pink team -- but there is some redemption in hating one's own proclivity toward sodomy. At least he wasn't "proud" of it. Seriously, this kind of unhinged hatred coming from the likes of The Forward amounts to the best long-after-the-fact eulogy that a man can get. Cohn would be honored to have such words spoken about him -- coming from Marxists, that is. Such ironic credibility statements aimed at Cohn -- and by inference, Trump -- constitute yet another good indicator that Trump -- like Joe McCarthy -- has got the Globalists on the defensive. Let's just hope he can succeed where "St. Joseph" could not.

1. When a little Yiddish greaseball like PJ Grisar spews venom at the late Roy Cohn -- calling him a "homophobe" and a "self-hating Jew" -- it's a true compliment to Joe McCarthy's departed sidekick. // 2. A MUST READ! --- St. Joseph of Wisconsin (here)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Joe McCarthy's right-hand man was later a mentor to Trump.

Boobus Americanus 2: Joe McCarthy, bad.
St. Sugar: Then how did he get up here, Boobuss?

Editor: Oh the people you meet in heaven! Good to see that you're giving the Fuhrer a break (McCarthy pdf and paperback book 

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