Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Terramare Culture and the Bronze Age Collapse

This was surely part of hte Atlantean  trade supported culture we know collapsed around 1159 BC.  The Po valley population had risen steadily to 150,000.  That made it able to see off a military threat, but not three years of no ctrops.

At least it is a full geographical unit.  Mycenae and even Athens looked more like trading factories whose relationship to the surrounds looked sketchy.  The Etruscan culture may also have extended back into this time frame.

It still collapsed around 1159 BC and may have been simply overrun by our Dorian invaders from the Baltic fleeing starvation.

The Terramare Culture and the Bronze Age Collapse

In Bronze Age northern Italy the Terramare culture thrived for centuries until one day in about 1200 BC, the population of 120,00 people disappeared.

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