Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ancient Structures in Africa

A few more images from Mike Tellinger.  He is prepping for a speaking tour of North America.  More to come of that as to locales.  While he is pushing far earlier time frames, so far I have no problem placing this all in the Bronze Age before the advent of Bantu pastoralists and farmers.

It is easy to see a sea borne trade carrying artisan gold from this part of Africa over to India were the market was already well established and insatiable.

I do not know if Bronze Age gold from Peru also ended up in India.  I certainly suspect that Peruvian copper and tin made it over to Mesopotamia and passing on to India was easy.  Most of that ancient gold all made it into India sooner or later after the collapse of the global copper trade that drove all this.

I may add more to this post as they come in, so do revisit it.

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Seeing these magnificent ruined structures from the air, forces us to reconsider the size of the ancient population that lived in these part of southern Africa thousands of years ago. While some walls have remained, many of the lesser walls of the larger extended settlement have eroded to the ground. But the complexity and size of the original expanse is still clearly visible. Unfortunately this effect is completely lost to visitors on the ground and from my own experience you would not even know that you are in the centre of such a complex at ground level. This has caused much destruction by developers, landowners and forestry, mostly due to ignorance and disinformation from esteemed academics who have claimed that these ruins are just cattle kraal, of no historic importance. It is imperative that we distribute this knowledge about these ancient ruins and share the information as widely as possible. It is now evident that we are dealing with a v anished ancient civilisation, most likely destroyed by the flood of some 13,000 years ago. Therefore, most of the ruin are covered by soil and sediment. Please support the MaKomati Foundation where you can to help us protect these ruins.

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