Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sub-atomic Particles, while not Conscious, Possessed the Base Elements of Consciousness.

Not quite the image i imagine but it is getting closer.

I go much further than this in that i understand that information itself is coded on two dimensional strips linked around two axis to form a mobius strip able to store number.  This item does describe well our present grasp of particle physics outside the insights generated by my cloud cosmology.
Cloud cosmology uses the neutral neutrino as it scaling aspect while present particle physics is working around the electron. 

Thus the real information density available to a typical electron is a couple of thousand bits of ordered data at least and as mere storage potentially a couple of thousand large numbers.  We also have had success in changing that data.  Coding is another matter.

Recall that an electron has 1200 plus axis to work with and any pair can be used to store a mobius strip or two or three plausibly.

With this framework and understanding the space time pendulum we will be able to simulate all this..

David McElroy has left a new comment on your post "If You Were Chief of CIA Consciousness Ops":

I once did a lengthy in-depth research on this subject. I found sub-atomic particles, while not conscious, possessed the base elements of consciousness. Liken it to how a grain of sand is the base element of the beach, while not actually being the beach. Each sub-atomic particle has certain traits that can be compared to a single logic (on/off) gate or unit of memory in a computer. They have a charge, polarity. They have spin, left-handedness or right-handedness. They also exhibit communication, as in the Two Slit Experiment for quantum entanglement. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us our application of a metric, observation, means we can either know a particle's location or speed, but not both. I am not saying the particles are such where the total consciousness is a matter of being greater than the sum of its' parts, but rather the point of interface between the realms of the spiritual and the material. That is like noting the difference between the computer and the computer programmer. Garbage in, garbage out. Or perhaps a great masterpiece is produced by the Creator.

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